1st Edition

The Routledge International Handbook of Educational Effectiveness and Improvement Research, policy, and practice

    572 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The International Handbook of Educational Effectiveness and Improvement draws together leading academics and researchers in the field to reflect on the history, traditions and the most recent developments in this dynamic and influential field. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of:

    • the foundations of the field
    • the evolution of educational effectiveness theory and methodology
    • the links with other research disciplines
    • the links between policy and practice.

    In conclusion, the handbook sets out a new agenda for future educational effectiveness research.

    This handbook is an essential resource for those interested in the effectiveness of educational systems, organisations and classrooms. It offers academics, researchers, students and policy-makers new insights into the latest thinking and evidence about educational effectiveness.


    Chapter 1

    Educational Effectiveness and Improvement: Research and Practice (EEI): The Emergence of The Discipline

    Christopher Chapman, David Reynolds, Daniel Muijs, Pam Sammons, Charles Teddlie and Paul Clarke

    Chapter 2

    The Scientific Properties of School Effects

    Pamela Sammons, Susila Davis and John Gray

    Chapter 3

    Effective School Processes

    David Reynolds, Charles Teddlie, Chris Chapman

    Chapter 4

    The Scientific Properties of Teacher Effects/ Effective Teaching Processes

    Daniel Muijs, David Reynolds and Leonidas Kyriakides

    Chapter 5

    School Improvement and System Reform

    David Hopkins

    Chapter 6

    Theory Development in Educational Effectives Research

    Bert Creemers, Leonidas Kyriakides and Y.C. Cheng

    Chapter 7

    Quantitative Methods

    Daniel Muijs and Annie Brookman

    Chapter 8

    Qualitative Methods in Educational Improvement and Effectiveness

    Mark Hadfield and Christopher Chapman

    Chapter 9

    EER in New, Emerging and Traditional Contexts

    Sally Thomas, Leonidas Kyriakides and Tony Townsend

    Chapter 10

    Comparative Educational Research

    David Reynolds, Brian Caldwell, Rosa Maria Cruz, Zhenzhen Miaou, Javier Murillo and Hamis Mugendawala

    Chapter 11

    Educational Effectiveness and Improvement Research and Educational Policy: The Rise of Performance Based Reforms

    David Reynolds, Christopher Chapman and Anthony Kelly

    Chapter 12

    EER and System Reconstruction and Change

    Sam Stringfield and Anthony Mackay

    Chapter 13

    Leadership Development and Issues of Effectiveness

    Jim O’Brien and Christine Forde

    Chapter 14

    EEIP and Teachers and Teaching

    Louise Stoll, Lorna Earl, Stephen Anderson and Kim Schildkamp

    Chapter 15

    The challenges of Globalisation and the New Policy Paradigms for EEIP

    Anthony Kelly and Paul Clarke

    Chapter 16

    Critical and Alternative Perspectives on EEIP

    Tony Townsend, John MacBeath and Ira Bogotch

    Chapter 17

    Conclusions: The future of EER and Some Suggestions and Speculations

    David Reynolds, Christopher Chapman, Daniel Muijs, Pam Sammons and Charles Teddlie


    Christopher Chapman is Director of the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change and Professor of Educational Policy and Practice at the University of Glasgow, UK.

    Daniel Muijs is Professor of Education at the University of Southampton, UK.

    David Reynolds is Professor of Educational Effectiveness at the University of Southampton, UK.

    Pam Sammons is Professorial Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, UK.

    Charles Teddlie is the Jo Ellen Levy Yates Professor of Education, Emeritus, at Louisiana State University, USA.