1st Edition

The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research

    508 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    508 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    For artists, scholars, researchers, educators and students of arts theory interested in culture and the arts, a proper understanding of the questions surrounding ‘interculturality’ and the arts requires a full understanding of the creative, methodological and interconnected possibilities of theory, practice and research. The International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research provides concise and comprehensive reviews and overviews of the convergences and divergences of intercultural arts practice and theory, offering a consolidation of the breadth of scholarship, practices and the contemporary research methodologies, methods and multi-disciplinary analyses that are emerging within this new field.


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    List of contributors

    An intercultural arts dedication

    1 Introduction and overview

    Pam Burnard, Elizabeth Mackinlay and Kimberly Powell


    1. The beauty of a story: toward an Indigenous art theory
    2. Carmen Robertson

    3. Theorising museum practice through practice theory: museum studies as intercultural practice
    4. Conal McCarthy

    5. Recasting identities: intercultural understandings of first peoples in the National Museum Space
    6. Sandy O’Sullivan

    7. A poetical journey: in what ways are theories derived from postcolonialism, whiteness and poststructural feminism implicated in matters of intercultural arts research?
    8. Kate Hatton

    9. In danger of relation, in danger of performance, in danger of research: an ethical conversation with Hélène Cixous about writing as intercultural arts praxis
    10. Elizabeth Mackinlay

    11. Intercultural education and music teacher education: cosmopolitan learning through popular music
    12. José Luis Aróstegui and Gotzon Ibarretxe

    13. Affect and the social imaginary in ethnocinema
    14. Anne Harris

    15. The role of love in intercultural arts theory and practice
    16. Brydie-Leigh Bartleet

    17. At the contact zone and the cultural interface: theorising collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in research and contemporary music practices
    18. Katelyn Barney

    19. Insider, outsider or cultures in-between: ethical and methodological considerations in intercultural arts research
    20. Ylva Hofvander Trulsson and Pamela Burnard

    21. A musician in the field: the productivity of performance as an intercultural research tool
    22. Cassandre Balosso-Bordin


    23. Conforming the body, cultivating individuality: intercultural understandings of Japanese Noh
    24. Koji Matsunobu

    25. An intercultural curriculum: where schooling the world meets local ecologies
    26. Trevor Wiggins

    27. The mediated space: Voices of interculturalism in music for flute
    28. Jean Penny

    29. Framing ‘Boys’ art education through an intercultural lens
    30. Donal O'Donoghue

    31. Bio-cartographies of identity: A feminist approach to an intercultural art practice
    32. Marián López Fdz. Cao

    33. Unfolding dissonance: arts-based research transforming the understanding of reflexive medical praxis through interculturality
    34. Charlotte Tulinius and Arthur Hibble

    35. Calling critical work into question: a case of arts-based performance as intercultural public pedagogy, and participatory inquiry
    36. Sue Uhlig, Lillian Lewis, B. Stephen Carpenter II

    37. A dialogic approach for the artist as an interface in an intercultural society
      Elena Cologni
    38. An art research of urban spatial practices and mobilizing images: emancipating bodies and signs at Montevideo’s Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo
    39. Laura Trafi-Prats

    40. "Radical hospitality": Food and drink as intercultural exchange
    41. Kimberly Powell and Christopher Schulte

    42. Intercultural exchange: the interventions and intraventions of practice based research
    43. Adrienne Boulton-Funke, Rita L. Irwin, Natalie LeBlanc, and Heidi May

    44. Propositions for walking research
    45. Sarah Truman and Stephanie Springgay

    46. Performing research as swimming in perpetual difference
    47. Charles Garoian


    48. Researching ‘voice’ in intercultural arts practices and contents
    49. Pat Thomson

    50. When dialogue fails: an art educator’s autoethnographical journey towards interculturality
    51. Eeva Antilla

    52. Using intercultural-historical autoethnographic writing to research a composer’s story within an Australian-Asian compositional aesthetic
    53. Diana Blom

    54. Interdisciplinary, intercultural travels: mapping a spectrum of research(er) experiences
    55. Liora Bresler

    56. Mutuality, individuation and interculturality
    57. Violeta Schubert and Lindy Joubert

    58. Glocalization and interculturality in Chinese research: a planetary perspective
    59. Samuel Leong

    60. Interculturality in the playground and playgroup: music as shared space for young immigrant children and their mothers
    61. Kathryn Marsh and Samantha Dieckmann

    62. Intercultural practice as research in higher music education: the imperative of an ethics-based rationale
    63. Sidsel Karlsen, Heidi Westerlund and Laura Miettinen

    64. Interacting orchestras, intercultural gamelan learning in Bali and the UK, and reflections on ethnographic research processes
    65. Jonathan McIntosh and Tina K. Ramnarine

    66. Developing dialogues in intercultural music-making
    67. Amanda Bayley and Chartwell Dutiro

    68. Exploring ‘African’ music in Dublin: researching intercultural music practice
    69. John O’Flynn

    70. Mediating cultures and musics: researching an intercultural production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    71. Helen Julia Minors

    72. Framing intercultural music composition research
    73. Valerie Ross

    74. Interculturalism now: how visual culture has changed formal and informal learning

    Kerry Freedman

    40 Performative research in music and poetry: an intercultural pedagogy of listening

    Peter Gouzouasis and Carl Leggo



    Pamela Burnard is Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education at the University of Cambridge, UK.

    Elizabeth Mackinlay is Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Queensland, Australia.

    Kimberly Powell is Associate Professor of Education and Art Education at The Pennsylvania State University, USA.