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The Routledge Series Integrating Science and Culture

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The Routledge Series Integrating Science and Culture aims to reunite the major discourses of science and the humanities which parted ways about 150 years ago. Each book picks an important topic that can best be understood by a synthesis of the best science and the best social and cultural analysis.  In an age when more and more major political and life decisions involve complex understandings of science, medicine, and technology, we need to have a bioculturally sophisticate citizenry who can weigh in on these important issues. To that end these books aim to reach a wide swathe of people, presenting the information in readable, illustrated, succinct editions that are designed for classroom and scholarly use as well as for public consumption.

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Narrating the Many Autisms Identity, Agency, Mattering

Narrating the Many Autisms: Identity, Agency, Mattering

1st Edition

By Anna Stenning
January 08, 2024

Autism is a profoundly contested idea. The focus of this book is not what autism is or what autistic people are, but rather, it grapples with the central question: what does it take for autistic people to participate in a shared world as equals with other people? Drawing from her close reading of a...

Pain and Suffering

Pain and Suffering

1st Edition

By Ronald Schleifer
February 04, 2014

Pain is felt by everyone, yet understanding its nature is fragmented across myriad modes of thought. In this compact, yet thoroughly integrative account uniting medical science, psychology, and the humanities Ronald Schleifer offers a deep and complex understanding along with possible strategies of...

Sex/Gender Biology in a Social World

Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World

1st Edition

By Anne Fausto-Sterling
April 16, 2012

Sex/Gender presents a relatively new way to think about how biological difference can be produced over time in response to different environmental and social experiences. This book gives a clearly written explanation of the biological and cultural underpinnings of gender. Anne Fausto-Sterling ...



1st Edition

By Stuart Murray
September 09, 2011

Autism is the first book on the condition that seeks to combine medical, historical and cultural approaches to an understanding of the condition. Its purpose is to present a rounded portrayal of the ways in which autism is currently represented in the world, It focuses on three broad areas: the ...

Depression Integrating Science, Culture, and Humanities

Depression: Integrating Science, Culture, and Humanities

1st Edition

By Bradley Lewis
October 07, 2011

We live in an era of depression, a condition that causes extensive suffering for individuals and families and saps our collective productivity. Yet there remains considerable confusion about how to understand depression. Depression: Integrating Science, Culture, and Humanities looks at the varied ...

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