1st Edition

The Shifting Global World of Youth and Education

Edited By Mabel Ann Brown Copyright 2018
    298 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Shifting Global World of Youth and Education explores how increasing migration and population changes are having an unprecedented impact on global education. Given that the number of children of migrant background is growing internationally, there is a need for increasing awareness of the educational attainment and cultural integration of this population group. This book presents international perspectives on migration and youth and analyses what kinds of effects such demographic changes are having on educational systems around the world.

    The chapters in this volume provide a fascinating insight into how countries around the world are dealing with loss or growth in their young population as well as changes to their education systems. Written by specialist academics from the relevant country, the book covers Cuba, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, the United States, Finland, Greece, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Latvia, China, Australia, India, Italy and Poland. Taking into consideration the countries’ social and political context, the chapters discuss educational issues surrounding curriculum, assessment and the opportunities available for the support of young people. Conclusions are drawn about what could be done in the future for the benefit of both the migrant and the existing populations.

    The Shifting Global World of Youth and Education will be of great interest to academics, researchers and postgraduate students in the disciplines of education, sociology, political sciences and social work. The book will also give secondary teachers, teaching assistants, social workers and youth workers the opportunity to reflect on their role within a national and international context.

      1. Introduction
      2. Mabel Ann Brown

        Section One: Countries facing an Identity Challenge

      3. Insights into Identity and Integration
      4. Andrew Sanders

      5. Youth, migration and identity in Cuba since 1959
      6. Anne Luke

      7. Hermeneutic pedagogy in negotiating and contesting identities: addressing challenges of migration in Lithuania
      8. Jonas Ruskus, Lina Garsve and Natalija Mazeikiene

        Section Two: Countries struggling with incoming migration

      9. Youth and education in a changing world (An English / UK Perspective)
      10. Mabel Ann Brown

      11. Joke’s on You: so called undocumented students in the US
      12. Johanna Ennser-Kananen

      13. Exploring migration and multicultural education in Finland
      14. Jussi Ronkainen, Kati Vapalahti and Enrique Tessieri

      15. ‘The other brick in the wall’: Integrating and empowering refugee students through intercultural education; a case study from Greece
      16. Mary Drosopulos

      17. Exploring the supporting mechanisms in shaping lives and future of immigrant youths in Greece
      18. Penelope Louka and Evangelia Maragou

      19. Young people, immigration and education in Germany
      20. Gunther Grasshoff

      21. Supporting Vulnerable Youth - Austria’s active policy of education and integration work with young people at risk
      22. Doris Boehler

        Section Three: Countries which are suffering because some of their population have left

      23. How does education respond to social and economic change in Hungary?
      24. Lajos Huse, Mihaly Fonai, Erzsebet Balogh and Andrea Toldi

      25. Filling the void: migration to and from Latvia
      26. Mara Dirba

      27. Exploring migrants, an aging population and education in China
      28. Jessie Moore

        Section Four: Countries facing educational challenges

      29. Youth migration into and within Australia
      30. Simon Brownhill

      31. India today and tomorrow
      32. Nicola Scarrott

      33. Towards a closer connection between the education system and the labour market in Italy
      34. Davide Galesi

      35. Polish reflections and perspectives on the relationship between youth, education the labour market and migration
      36. Anita Gulczynska and Monika Wisniewska-Kin

      37. Conclusion

               Mabel Ann Brown


    Mabel Ann Brown has a Master’s in Education and has worked in schools for many years and worked for ten years in Higher Education at the University of Derby. After successfully co-editing ‘Exploring Childhood in a Comparative Context’ in 2014 she went on in 2016 to edit a book called ‘Migration and the education of young people 0-19.’ She is particularly interested in providing young people with the life skills that will support them through life.