The Textbook of Total Quality in Healthcare  book cover
1st Edition

The Textbook of Total Quality in Healthcare

ISBN 9780963403049
Published September 1, 1993 by CRC Press
312 Pages

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Book Description

Until now, no textbook on TQ has emerged that was written specifically for the healthcare industry. The Textbook of TQ in Healthcare is the first true text prepared by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. It provides a discussion of the tools, techniques and principles of TQ. Academic programs will find this text very useful for courses in TQ, quality management, general and strategic management and leadership.The Textbook is also an excellent reference for students and professionals in medicine, nursing, allied health services, pharmacy and healthcare administration.
The Textbook of TQ in Healthcare starts with an introduction and history of TQ and its movement from the manufacturing sector to the healthcare industry. Quality is then discussed as a major cornerstone of the healthcare delivery system. Principles, methods for implementation and the tools for assessing TQ progress are described. The Textbook concludes with a section on comparative analysis of TQ with other management philosophies. Also presented are a case study of a major healthcare facility that has actually implemented TQ and an excellent collection of articles that further expand the understanding of TQ.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Historical Background
The Early Days of Quality Assurance
History of TQ in Manufacturing
The Influence of Government on Quality in Healthcare
Quality Assurance Departments
2. The United States Healthcare System and Quality of Care
The First Two Hundred Fifty Years (1600-1850)
The Next Hundred Years (1850-1950)
1950 to the 1990s
3. Principles of Total Quality in Healthcare Organizations
Selected Articles:
Sounding Board: Continuous Improvement as an Ideal in Health Care
The Case for Using Industrial Quality Management Science in Health Care Organizations
Total Quality Management for Physicians: Translating the New Paradigm
Organizationwide Quality Improvement in Health Care
Articles Misconstrue Joint Commission's Position on Quality Improvement
A New Look for Quality in Home Care
4. The Implementation of Total Quality
Executive Level Commitment
Transformation of the Culture
Planning Quality
Organizing Quality
Evaluating Quality
Selected Article:
How to Start a Direct Patient Care Team
5. Data Management for Total Quality
Transformation of Data to Information
Data versus Information
Data Reliability
Data Validity
Sensitivity and Specificity
Data Collection, Display, and Analysis
Tools for Identifying, Collecting, and Displaying Data
Tools for Improving and Monitoring Quality
6. Cost and Healthcare Quality
Selected Article:
Accounting for the Cost of Quality
7. The Law, Ethics, and Total Quality
The Role of Laws and the Legal System
The Role of Ethics
The Interplay between Laws and Ethics
Legislative Impetus
Judicial Involvement in Determining Quality
Ethics and the Elevation of Quality
8. Total Quality and Management Philosophies
Organizational Cultures
The Use of Power in Organizations
TQ and Corporate Culture: Finding a Fit
Transforming Organizations to a TQ Philosophy and Culture
Managing the Process through Change
9. Integration of Total Quality and Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Activities in Healthcare
Total Quality
Transition to Total Quality: Manufacturing and Health Service Sectors
Comparison of QA and TQ
Integration of QA and TQ
10. Outcome Management and TQ
Background of Quality Outcome
What is Outcome and What is Outcome Management?
Measurement of Outcomes
Questions about Outcome Measurements
Research on Outcome and Its Management
Outcomes Management and Total Quality
11. Research and Total Quality
Quality Management Terminology
Background and Definitions
Research-Based Practice
Social Science Research
Guidelines and Databases
Research on TQ
Instrumentation Research
Epidemiological Studies
Cost Studies
Demonstration Projects
Research Utilization
Research Agenda
12. Total Quality within the VA Healthcare System: A Case Study
Annotated Bibliography

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"This is an excellent book for both health care professionals interested in total quality management and total quality managers interested in the health care system...the writing style flows smoothly from chapter to chapter, providing the reader with interesting information that is easy to read...a why-to and what-is necessary book...worthy of the reader's time."
Phil Rutsohn, Augusta College School of Business

"...a great addition to the shelves of any library."

reat addition to the shelves of any library."