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Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education
The Bologna Process, Didaktik and Teaching

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Book Description

Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education illustrates how international policy shifts, primarily the Bologna-process, have affected debates around both the purpose and organisation of higher education at different levels.

This book formulates a theory of teaching in higher education which is grounded in educational theory, contributing to a critical perspective on current ideal forms of higher education and a deeper understanding of the pedagogical role of the university. It illustrates how international policies affect conceptualizations of the purpose of higher education and critically examines the pedagogy of higher education in order to develop a comprehensive educational theory for teaching in higher education. The book illustrates the consequences of discursive ideals of education on teaching practices and provides a theoretical framework for new thinking on higher education.

Offering a unique contribution that combines policy analyses, curriculum theory, and educational theory, this book will appeal to academics, scholars and post graduate students in the field of higher education research and teaching, educational theory and educational policy.

Table of Contents




The Importance of Teaching

A Pedagogical Theory of Teaching in Higher Education

The Structure of the Book

An Invitation

Part 1: The Current Paradigms of Higher Education

Chapter 1 Shifting Views on Higher Education

The University

From Public Good to Private Good

The Commodification of Higher Education

The Educationalization of Social and Political Problems

Learnification of Education

Concluding Remarks

Chapter 2 Policy Matters

Education Policy and the Bologna Process

A Theoretical View on Education Policy

The Bologna Process as Education Policy

The Pedagogies of the Bologna Process

Concluding Remarks

Chapter 3 University pedagogy, the Bologna Process, and Constructive Alignment

University Teaching and University Pedagogy

The "Problem" of Pedagogical Competence

Constructive Alignment as the Answer to the Bologna Process

A Critical Perspective on Constructive Alignment

Constructive Alignment and the Politics of Higher Education

Concluding Remarks

Part 2: Reconnecting Higher Education and Pedagogy

Chapter 4 Forgotten Connections: The Central Questions of Pedagogy

The Concept of Teaching and its Pedagogical Roots

To Formulate the Principles of Pedagogy

Concluding Remarks

Chapter 5 Rancière’s Pedagogical Paradox and the Response of Didaktik

Teaching as an Emancipatory Practice

Rancière’s Paradox: the Explanatory Dead End of Teaching

Taking Teaching Seriously with Didaktik

Mollenhauer meets Rancière

A Rancièrian Notion of Didaktik

Concluding Remarks

Chapter 6 The Morphology of Teaching: Troubling Didaktik with Relational Philosophy

Embracing the Dilemmas of an Educational Relation

The Violence of Teaching

Teaching as a Call from (and Listening to-) the Other

Towards an ethics of the educational relation. A Morphological Twist.

In and Out of the Womb of Education

Concluding Remarks

Part 3: Towards a Theory of Teaching in Higher Education

Chapter 7 Existential Risks and Transformative Potentials

A Pedagogy of Teacher Education

Teacher Education as the Reproduction of Disappointment

The Education of Education – an Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle

Concluding Remarks

Chapter 8 Rethinking the Paradoxes of Teacher Education with Didaktik

Teacher Students as Spectators or Participants?

The Ontological and Epistemological Underpinnings of the School

The Transformative Potentials of Didaktik

The Teaching is the Teaching: Teacher Education and Rancière

Didaktik as the Deconstruction of a Pedagogical Paradox

Concluding Remarks

Chapter 9 Rethinking University Pedagogy

The University as Pedagogical Form/Filter

Study as an Amalgam of Teaching and Learning

Didaktik and Bringing about the Practice of Study

A Didaktik Approach to University Pedagogy

Concluding Remarks: The Practice of University Pedagogy

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Gunnlaugur Magnússon is Associate Professor of Education at the Department of Education at Uppsala University, Sweden, and a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Education at the University of Oslo, Norway. His research interests regard education reforms, political ideals and ideologies of education, education policy, and philosophy of education.

Johannes Rytzler is a Senior Lecturer at The School of Education, Communication and Culture at Mälardalen University, Sweden. He is particularly interested in analyzing educational concepts and phenomena at the intersection of Pedagogy and Didaktik.