1st Edition

Undergraduate Public Affairs Education Building the Next Generation of Public and Nonprofit Administrators

Edited By Madinah Hamidullah Copyright 2022
    154 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    154 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Public affairs and nonprofit program administrators and directors interested in (or tasked with) implementing undergraduate programs require a resource where they can find information for recruiting and retaining the next wave of public and nonprofit workers. 

    While similar to graduate public affairs programs, undergraduate programs may differ in curriculum design, recruitment targets, learning outcomes, and community engagement opportunities. Universities may have different motivations in creating an undergraduate program, from a need to generate additional resources, a clearer pathway to master’s education, or offering complete degrees in themselves that prepare students for employment in the public or nonprofit sector. This book is the first of its kind to offer concrete, experienced guidance, tips, and general best practices in public affairs and nonprofit undergraduate education from those who have "been there", with chapters written by current and former program administrators and directors.

    Exploring the variety of programs that are offered in public and nonprofit affairs/administration, the different degree components and specializations, types of experiential learning, different assessment and outcome practices, the value of accelerated degree programs, the current place of accreditation, and the appropriate resources available for program directors and administrators, this book will be of interest to faculty and advanced graduate students that will be teaching/developing curruicula in public and nonprofit degree programs that have undergraduate students.


    Madinah F. Hamidullah


    2.Undergraduate Degrees and Specializations   

    Chris Adams


    3. Degree components and Instructional Design  

    Richard P. Barke

    4. Accelerated undergraduate degree programs  

    Stephen Weinberg


    5. Community-Engaged Pedagogies: Possibilities for Undergraduate Public Affairs and Administration Education 

    Wan-Ju Hung

    Lindsey M. McDougle


    6. Service Learning and Internships  

    Michael Dillard


    7. Student Learning Outcomes Undergraduate Public Affairs Education: Educating Future Generations of Public and Nonprofit Administrators  

    Jennifer Littlefield


    8. To accredit or not to accredit  

    Bruce D. McDonald, III

    J.W. Decker

    Matthew D. Leight

    Michaela Abbott


    9. Conclusion  

    Madinah F. Hamidullah

    Valentine Lamar




    Madinah F. Hamidullah, PhD is an associate professor in the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University, Newark. She served as the second director of the undergraduate program in Public and Nonprofit Administration and under her leadership, the major became one of the fastest growing majors on the campus of Rutgers University, Newark. Her research interests include race, gender, and generational differences in the public-sector workforce, public management, employee turnover, organizational performance, and executive leadership succession. Her research has appeared in Public Organization Review, American Review of Public Administration, Administration & Society, and the International Journal of Public Sector Management. Her first book, Managing the Next Generation of Public Workers (Routledge), was published in 2015.

    "Undergraduate Public Affairs Education: Building the Next Generation of Public and Nonprofit Administrators is a significant contribution to undergraduate Public Affairs education. If you are looking to start a new undergraduate program or make improvements to an existing one, this book is a must read! Providing valuable insight, programmatic comparisons, and practical tips, this book serves as a great resource for anyone interested in undergraduate Public Affairs education".

    Stacy Drudy, Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), USA

    "The number of undergraduate programs in public affairs is increasing. With perfect timing, Madinah Hamidullah offers an excellent edited book that will help faculty leaders ensure the success of their undergraduate programs. The book includes information on critical topics of program management, such as how to cultivate community partnerships, create effective assessment plans, and design high-impact learning opportunities for students. With this volume, Hamidullah and the book’s other authors do indeed help build the next generation of public and nonprofit administrators".

    William Hatcher, Augusta University, USA

    "Academic administrators, faculty, and staff who aspire to provide high-quality educational experiences for the next generation of leaders should read Undergraduate Public Affairs Education: Building the Next Generation of Public and Nonprofit Administrators. Never before has a book effectively illuminated the practices and resources necessary to innovatively cultivate and promote undergraduate programs in public affairs and administration. I now have a greater appreciation of the value, relevance, and growing demand of public affairs education".

    Cullen C. Merritt, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

    "The past decade has seen many leading schools in public affairs across the United States establish undergraduate programs, reflecting the importance of, and student demand for, interdisciplinary, problem-focused education. As this trend accelerates, questions remain as to how best these programs should be structured, administered, and evaluated to ensure a quality and relevant education for students. This book captures best practices and learnings from top programs, and is an indispensable resource for any administrator leading or looking to establish undergraduate education in public affairs".

    Robert Orr, University of Maryland School of Public Policy, USA

    "Madinah F. Hamidullah is arguably the leading authority on undergraduate public affairs education in the U.S., and so it comes as no surprise that her edited book, Undergraduate Public Affairs Education: Building the Next Generation of Public and Nonprofit Administrators, showcases the best of her unique experience and expertise on public affairs training and education. Her book comes at a time when the landscape of higher education has shifted considerably, and as colleges and universities across the U.S. have seen renewed interest in undergraduate public affairs education. Not only is her work timely and insightful, but Hamidullah has assembled a veritable 'who’s who' in this collection of chapters, with her co-authors tackling everything from undergraduate specializations, to instructional design and student learning outcomes, to accreditation. Hamidullah’s book is sure to find space on the bookshelves of public affairs program directors old and new (including my own) and unquestionably stands as the primer on undergraduate public affairs education"!

    Edmund C. Stazyk, University at Albany, State University of New York, USA