1st Edition

Understanding the Japanese Food and Agrimarket A Multifaceted Opportunity

By Andrew D O'Rourke Copyright 1994
    236 Pages
    by CRC Press

    236 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The contributing authors of Understanding the Japanese Food and Agrimarket discuss broad forces that affect markets in Japan and specific situations faced in marketing grain, livestock, and seafood products; fruits; vegetables; and wood products. Many of the contributors speak and read Japanese and have lived in Japan for extensive periods; they are able to give deep insights into how and why the Japanese consumption and distribution system behaves as it does. They draw on their expertise to fully explore various Japanese food and fiber markets. As they demystify the Japanese market, they illustrate for readers several systematic approaches to mastering the Japanese food and fiber markets.

    Readers will discover that effective long-term marketing strategies in Japan must be based on sound analytical information. The contributors provide such needed material with chapters on items as diverse as wine, grain products, beef, and fruits and vegetables. Some of the specific topics covered include:

    • changes in Japanese food consumption
    • Japanese food distribution system
    • demand for beef products in Japan
    • demand for vegetables and vegetable seeds
    • Japanese wine market
    • demand for bakery products
    • new food products for the Japanese market
    • developing trade relations in wood products

      Executives of commodity associations or firms exporting foods to Japan will find the general sections most interesting as well as chapters specific to their products. Teachers and students exploring exporting to the Japanese market will be intrigued by the various dimensions of the “multifaceted” nature and opportunities of the Japanese market.

    • Changes in Japanese Food Consumption
    • Decision Making in Japan
    • The Japanese Food Distribution System
    • The Role of a State Department of Agriculture
    • The Japanese Market for Beef Products
    • Japanese Demand for Vegetables and Vegetable Seed
    • Marketing Apples in Japan
    • An Overview of the Washington and Japanese Wine Markets
    • What if Japanese Wheat Imports Were Liberalized
    • Japanese Preference for Bakery Food Ingredients
    • Overview of Japanese Fruit Consumption Trends With Emphasis on Apple Demand
    • The Prominence of Japan in the Alaskan King Crab Fishery
    • Washington Wagyu: A Beef Breed for Japanese Tastes
    • Edamame: The Vegetable Soybean
    • Developing Trade Relations in Wood Products
    • References
    • Index


    O'Rourke, Andrew D