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Urbanization, Industrialization, and the Environment

About the Series

This book series addresses current critical environmental issues resulting from rapid urbanization and industrialization, particularly in the developing world. Modern technologies and industrial chemicals have given rise to unique problems of ecosystem degradation, pollution, deprivation and disease. The books in this series will present case studies from different parts of the world, with the aim to stimulate discussion and make policymakers aware of the current state of play.

Major themes include "Waste and Technology", "Climate Change", "Food and Land", "Biodiversity", "Energy", "Food Safety and Security", but interdisciplinary areas including "Environmental Governance", "Human Behavioral Change" and "Bridging Science and Policy" will also be explored, from both natural and social science perspectives. It is hoped that the series will serve as a discussion forum for major environmental issues of modern demographic transition, allowing authors and editors to present strategies for mitigation and remediation.

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Crisis Management of Chronic Pollution Contaminated Soil and Human Health

Crisis Management of Chronic Pollution: Contaminated Soil and Human Health

1st Edition

Edited By Magalie Lesueur Jannoyer, Philippe Cattan, Thierry Woignier, Florence Clostre
October 10, 2016

Crisis Management of Chronic Pollution: Contaminated Soil and Human Health deals with a long term pollution problem, generated by the former use of organochlorine pesticides. Through a case study of the chlordecone pollution in the French West Indies, the authors illustrate a global and systemic ...

Biochar Production, Characterization, and Applications

Biochar: Production, Characterization, and Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Yong Sik Ok, Sophie M. Uchimiya, Scott X. Chang, Nanthi Bolan
September 18, 2015

Encompassing high priority research areas such as bioenergy production, global warming mitigation, and sustainable agriculture, biochar has received increased worldwide interest in the past decade. Biochar: Production, Characterization, and Applications covers the fundamentals of biochar including ...

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