1st Edition

Value Engineering Synergies with Lean Six Sigma Combining Methodologies for Enhanced Results

    212 Pages 124 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    212 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), and Value Engineering (VE) have a proven track record of success for solving problems and improving efficiency. Depending on the situation, integrating these approaches can provide results that exceed the benefits of each individual approach. Value Engineering Synergies with Lean Six Sigma: Combining Methodologies for Enhanced Results describes how to integrate these dynamic tools to achieve unprecedented improvements and break down the organizational stovepipes that can occur when different offices are assigned responsibility for different problem-solving methods.

    The book identifies opportunities where readers can integrate these approaches to go beyond what is currently possible with the individual approaches. Explaining the VE methodology, it supplies a high-level discussion of LSS and DFSS. Next, it compares VE with LSS and identifies the different opportunities for synergies that can provide your organization with a competitive edge.

    • Includes detailed LSS-VE cross-reference charts
    • Contains product- and process-oriented VE material designed for LSS black belt training
    • Provides a list of the most commonly used LSS, DFSS, and VE tools

    The authors describe VE and LSS in a way that is different from, but consistent with, the current literature. To facilitate comparison, the book graphically depicts VE and LSS and maps the two tools into one another to provide you with a clear understanding of the circumstances and types of problems where integrating these techniques will be most effective. The ideas and synergies presented in this book can help industry professionals and those in government accelerate the adoption of efficiencies in their operations.


    The Value Engineering (VE) Methodology
    Orientation Phase
    Information Phase
    Function Analysis Phase
    Creative Phase
    Evaluation Phase
    Development Phase
    Presentation Phase
    Implementation Phase

    Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Methodology
    The DMAIC Methodology
    The Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodology

    Comparison of VE and LSS Methodologies
    VE and LSS Cross-Reference
    How VE Can Benefit from LSS
    How LSS Can Benefit from VE

    Opportunities for Synergy
    Literature Review
    Observations and Analysis on Synergies

    Final Remarks
    Appendix A: Cross-Reference Charts in Detail
    Appendix B: Common LSS, DFSS, and VE Tools
    Appendix C: General VE Material for LSS Black Belt Training
    Appendix D: Product-Oriented VE Training Material for LSS Black Belt Training
    Appendix E: Process-Oriented VE Training Material for LSS Black Belt Training



    Heather Williams, Donald Parker, Anthony Hermes, Jay Mandelbaum