Water Properties of Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biological Materials: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Water Properties of Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biological Materials

1st Edition

Edited by Maria del Pilar Buera, Jorge Welti-Chanes, Peter J. Lillford, Horacio R. Corti

CRC Press

792 pages | 297 B/W Illus.

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Unique and informative, Water Properties of Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biological Materials is based on lectures and papers given by leading international researchers at the 9th International Symposium of the Properties of Water in Foods (ISOPOW 9) that took place in September 2004. Each chapter presents an authoritative account of the latest research on the physical and chemical properties of water in relation to the stability of food, pharmaceutical, and biological materials.

The first part of the text focuses on presentations given by invited speakers, whereas the second part is dedicated to oral presentations and discussions. Topics include the role of water in structural and functional properties, preserving biomolecule functionality in restricted water environments, and micro- and nano- techniques used for assessing water-solid interactions in food and drug development.

This book is an invaluable resource that synthesizes cutting-edge information with innovative viewpoints from internationally esteemed researchers who participated in ISOPOW 2004.

Table of Contents



Part 1:  Dynamics and Relaxation in Amorphous Aqueous Systems

Thermodynamics of Supercooled and Glassy Water, Pablo G. Debenedetti

Water Dynamics at the Surface of Proteins and Micelles: Understanding the Fast and the Slow Components, Subrata Pal, Sudip Chakraborty, Sarika Maitra Bhattacharyya, Sanjoy Bandyopadhyay, Sundaram Balasubramanian, and Biman Bagchi

How Does Water Diffuse in Glasses of Carbohydrates?, Valeria Molinero and William A. Goddard III

Manifestation of Molecular Mobilities in Amorphous Aqueous Systems: The View from Different Experimental Techniques, David S. Reid

Part 2:  Role of Water in Structural and Functional Properties, From Microscopic to Macroscopic


The Effect of Microstructure on Solvent and Solute

Diffusion on the Micro- and Nanolength Scales, Anne-Marie Hermansson, Niklas Loren, and Magnus Nyden

Probing Water–Solid Interactions In Crystalline

And Amorphous Systems Using Vibrational Spectroscopy, 

Lynne S. Taylor

Structure–Property Relationships in Low

Moisture Products, Jose Miguel Aguilera

Ice Nucleation in Bulk and Dispersed Water Application to Freezing of Foods, Daniele Clausse, Jean-Louis Lanoiselle, and Saıd Toumi

Molecular-Level Characterization of Lipid Bilayers in

Disaccharide Matrices and its Consequences for Cell

Lyophilization, Juan J. de Pablo, Carolina Schebor, Satoshi Ohtake, and Amadeu Sum

Part 3: Responses to Water Stress in Living Organisms—Related New Potential Technologies

Water Stress of Bacteria and Molds from an NMR

Water-Mobility Standpoint, Pavinee Chinachoti and Elena Vittadini

Water Properties and Cell Longevity, Christina Walters

Water and Biological Structures at High Pressure, Jorge Welti-Chanes, Fernanda San Martın-Gonzalez, Jose A. Guerrero-Beltran and Gustavo V. Barbosa-Canovas

Viability of Probiotic Bacteria as Affected by Drying, Barry Corcoran, Catherine Stanton, Song Miao, Gerald F. Fitzgerald

and R. Paul Ross

Part 4: Water and the Structure and Stability of Microdisperse Systems

Proteins and Lipids Can Alter the Thermodynamic and

Dynamic Characteristics of Water at Fluid Interfaces, Juan M. Rodrıguez Patino, Maria Rosario Rodrıguez Nino, Cecilio Carrera Sanchez, and Ana Lucero Caro

Studies on Molecular Organization at the Water Interface, Victor J. Morris IN PRESS

Stability of Cloudy Apple Juice Colloidal Particles

Modeled with the Extended DLVO Theory, Diego B. Genovese and Jorge E. Lozano

Part 5: Overlapping Water Relations and Material Sciences for the Improvement of Quality Products

The Hydration Limit of Amorphous Solids and Long-Term Stability, David Lechuga-Ballesteros and Danforth P. Miller

Physicochemical Changes in Frozen Products: Glasstransition and Rheological Behavior in Frozen Starch–Sucrose–Hydrocolloid Systems, Noemi Zaritzky and Cristina Ferrero

The Mystery of Marshmallow Hardening, Miang Hoong Lim, Yin Jia, and Samuel Heenan


Part 6: Oral Presentations – Functional and Mechanical Properties of Biomolecules

Beyond Water Activity and Glass Transition: A Broad

Perspective on the Manner by Which Water Can

Influence Reaction Rates in Foods, Craig P. Sherwin and Theodore P. Labuza

Glass-Transition Temperature and Self-Detaching of Maltodextrin Films — Effect of Molecular Weight and Sucrose Addition, Fermanda P. Collares, Jose´ R.D. Finzer, and Theo G. Kieckbusch

The Polyproline II Conformation: How Protein Hydration Influences Conformation in Solution, Patricio A. Carvajal and Tyre C. Lanier

Rheology and Microstructure of Interfaces Stabilized by Mixed Proteins and Surfactants: A Computer Simulation Study, Luis A. Pugnaloni, Rammile Ettelaie, and Eric DickinsonIC

Effects of Content and Type of Binary Polyol Mixtures

on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Starch-Based

Edible Films, Riku A. Talja, Harry Helen, Yrjo H. Roos, and Kirsi Jouppila

The Dynamics of Formation and Structure of the Air–Water Interface in the Presence of Protein/Polysaccharide Mixtures, Rosa Baeza, Cecilio Carrera Sanchez, Juan M. Rodrıguez Patino, and Ana M.R. Pilosof

Part 6: Poster Presentations – Functional and Mechanical Properties of Biomolecules

Mechanical and Water Vapor Properties of Gelatin-Based

Films as Function of Relative Humidity, Temperature,

and Film Thickness, Rosemary A. Carvalho, Paulo J.A. Sobral, and Florencia C. Menegalli

Thermal Analysis and Textural Properties of Frozen French Bread Dough with Different Quantities of Ascorbic Acid, Tatiana G. Matuda, Clarissa C. Romeu, Denise T. Tavares, Duclerc Fernandes Parra, Ademar Benevolo Lugao, and Carmen Cecılia Tadini

Effect of Nutraceuticals on Physio-Chemical Properties of Sodium Caseinate Films Plasticized with Glycerol, Elizabeth Lima-Lima, Susana Altamirano-Romo, Rocıo Rivas-Araiza, Gabriel Luna-Barcenas, and Cristina Perez-Perez

Behavior of Hydroxypropylmethylcelluloses of Different

Molecular Structure and Water Affinity at the Air–Water

Interface, Oscar E. Perez, Cecilio Carrera-Sanchez, Juan M. Rodrıguez-Patino, and Ana M.R. Pilosof

Drying of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Grown at High

Osmolarity in the Presence of Disaccharides, Emma Tymczyszyn and E. Anıbal Disalvo


Part 7: Oral Presentations – Structure, Microstructure and the Stability of Biomolecules and Biological Systems

The Effect of High Pressure and Temperature on the

Macroscopic, Microscopic, Structural, and Molecular

Properties of Tapioca Starch Gels, Elena Vittadini, Eleonora Carini, and Davide Barbanti

Characterization of Food Products Surfaces During

Drying Using Fractal Geometry, Gustavo F. Gutierrez Lopez, Jose Jorge Chanona Perez, Liliana Alamilla Beltran,

Roberto Campos Mendiola, and Reynold Ramon Farrera Rebollo

Effect of Vacuum Impregnation and Microwave Application

on Structural Changes During Air Drying of Apple, Carolina Contreras, Maria Eugeniaz Martın, Nuria Martınez-Navarrete,

and Amparo Chiralt

Modulation of the Hydration of Lipid Membrane Phosphates by Choline, Glycerol, and Ethanolamine Groups, Fabiana Lairion, Florencia Martini, Sonia Diaz, Silvia Brandan, Aida Ben Altabef, and Edgardo A. Disalvo

Part 7:  Poster Presentations – Structure, Microstructure and the Stability of Biomolecules and Biological Systems

Morphology and Size of Particles During Spray Drying, Liliana Alamilla-Beltran, Jose J. Chanona-Perez, Antonio R. Jimenez-Aparicio, and Gustavo F. Gutierrez-Lopez

Evaluation of Morphological and Microstructural Changes During Air Drying of Spheres Using Fractal Analysis and Relationships with Spray Drying, Jose Jorge Chanona Perez, Liliana Alamilla Beltran, Reynold Ramon Farrera Rebollo, and Gustavo Fidel Gutierrez Lopez

Heat Transfer Units and Morphology of Particles in Spray Drying, Liliana Alamilla-Beltran, Jose J. Chanona-Perez, Antonio R. Jimenez-Aparicio, and Gustavo F. Gutierrez-Lopez

Convective Drying with Tempering of Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) and Color Changes of Final Product, Santiago S. Oceguera, Jose J. Chanona Perez, Liliana Alamilla Beltran,

Jorge Mendoza Perez, Ramon Arana Errasquın, and

Gustavo F. Gutierrez Lopez

Modeling of Structural and Quality Changes During

Drying of Vegetables: Application to Red Sweet Pepper

(Capsicum annuum L.), Karina C. Di Scala, Sara I. Roura, and Guillermo H. Crapiste

The Role of Residual Water for the Stability of Protein

Freeze-Dried with Trehalose, Kiyoshi Kawai, Tomoaki Hagiwara, Rikuo Takai, and Toru Suzuki

Effects of Trehalose on the Stability and Phase Transition

Behavior of Freeze-Dried Liposomes Containing

Cholesterol, Satoshi Ohtake, Carolina Schebor, Sean P. Palece, and Juan J. de Pablo

Storage Changes and Subcellular Freezing Injuries in

Recalcitrant Araucaria Angustifolia Embryos, Vıctor H. Panza, Veronica R. Lainez, Sara B. Maldonado, Horacio Maroder, and Pilar Buera

Thermal Transitions of Quinoa Embryos and Seeds as

Affected by Water Content, Silvia B. Matiacevich, Martina L. Castellion, Sara B. Maldonado, and M. Pilar Buera

Part 8: Oral Presentations – Molecular Mobility, State Diagrams, and Chemical Reactions

Physical Structure, Water Plasticization, and Crystallization

of Spray-Dried and Freeze-Dried Lactose, Md. Kamrul Haque and Yrjo H. Roos

FT-IR Study of the Hydration of Caffeine, Sucrose, and their Mixtures in Water, Barbara Roge, Vincent Aroulmoji, and Mohamed Mathlouthi

Solute Diffusion in Biopolymers as a Function of Water

Activity Using a Modified Free Volume Theory, Mustafa E. Yildiz and Jozef L. KokiniARTICLE IN PRESS

Molecular Mobility in Glassy Starch: Influence of Hydration and Sucrose, Fabienne Poirier, Marie Tanguy, Dominique Champion,

and Gaelle Roudaut

High-Speed Observations of the Nucleation of Ice by Power Ultrasound, Rachel C. Chow, Derek Atkins, Scott Singleton, Robert Mettin, Bernhard Lindinger, Thomas Kurz, Werner Lauterborn, Malcolm Povey, and Robert Chivers

Relationships Between the Maximum Rate of Nonenzymatic Browning, Relative Humidity and Structural Changes, Nuria Acevedo, Carolina Schebor, and Pilar Buera

Water Determination in Dried Milk Products — Is the

International Standard Method Reasonable?, Heinz-Dieter Isengard, Andrea Felgner, Renate Kling, and Christoph T. Reh

The Impact of Water Adsorption on the Energetics of Surface Interactions of Powders of Different Crystal Forms, M. Teresa Carvajal

Water-Sorption Behavior of Glycinebetaine and the State

Diagram of its Aqueous System, Kenta Komai and Norio Murase

Part 8: Poster Presentations – Molecular Mobility, State Diagrams, and Chemical Reactions

Effects of Sugar Crystallization on Nonenzymatic Browning Kinetics in Low-Moisture Food Systems, Song Miao and Yrjo H. Roos

Chemical and Physical Stability of Disaccharides as Affected by the Presence of MgCl2, Santagapita Patricio Roman and Buera Maria del Pilar

Evolution of Some Physical Properties of “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale Di Reggio Emilia” During Long-Term Aging, 

Pittia Paola, Mastrocola Dino, and Maltini EnricoCLE IN PRESS

Incorporation of Solute in the Ice Phase During Freezing,

Julia Telford and Peter Lillford

Enthalpy Relaxation In Freeze-Concentrated Sucrose–Water Glasses, Chiharu Inoue and Toru Suzuki

State Diagram for Freeze-Dried Plum and Glass Transitions of Plum Skin and Pulp, Vania Regina Nicoletti Telis, Paulo Jose do Amaral Sobral, and Javier Telis-Romero

Effect of Type of Amorphous Sugar Excipients on the

Preservation of Lactate Dehydrogenase Activity as a

Function of Storage Conditions, Kazuhito Kajiwara and Tomoko Imai

The Water Content Effect on the Glass-Transition

Temperature of Low Calory Candy Formulations, Adelina G. Celeghin and Amelia C. Rubiolo

Release of Encapsulated Aroma Compounds From

Amorphous Maltodextrin Matrices, Kirsi Jouppila, Susanna Sundberg, Sannia-Maija Miettinen, and Lea Hyvonen

Relationship Between Glass-Transition Curves and Sorption

Isotherms for the Evaluation of Storage Conditions of

Freeze-Dried Camu-Camu (Myrciaria dubia Mcvaugh) Pulp With and Without Maltodextrin Addition, Mariana Altenhofen da Silva, Paulo Jose do Amaral Sobral and Theo G. Kieckbusch

Water-Sorption Isotherms and Water-Plasticization

Effect in Dried Pear, King Xue, Consuelo Gonzalez-Martınez, M. Teresa Chafer, and Amparo Chiralt



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