2nd Edition

Winning with Data in the Business of Sports CRM and Analytics

By Fiona Green Copyright 2021
    244 Pages
    by Routledge

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    New technologies mean that sports clubs and governing bodies are generating more data than ever to help manage their relationship with fans, their performance, and their income streams. This new edition of Winning with Data in the Business of Sports explains how to acquire, store, maintain, and use data in the most effective ways. The key developments are three-fold: new technology, new understanding of how to apply that technology, and the new laws informing and controlling the data that can be generated from the technology.

    Important developments that have occurred since the publication of the first edition include the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the COVID-19 pandemic. With a focus on these unique challenges coupled with the opportunities the use of data creates, this book is essential reading for professionals within the sports industry. This second edition includes:

    - An introduction to new technologies, the data they generate, and the supporting processes we need to have in place to use them.

    - Brand new case studies with recent examples of creative applications from clubs, teams, leagues, and governing bodies, including Arsenal, AS Roma, ICC Cricket World Cup, LA Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, and UEFA.

    - The sports industry’s response to tighter data legislation introduced primarily though the GDPR.

    - The role of data and direct engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The book provides clear guidance and knowledge that sports industry professionals need to understand the role of data for the business side of sports. It is essential reading for sports clubs, governing bodies and those working in sports marketing, media and communications, sponsorship, merchandise, ticketing, events, and participation development. The book will also be of interest to students of sports management.



    1. CRM for the digital age

    2. The principles of CRM

    3. The importance of data

    4. Business intelligence and data analytics

    5. CRM technology stack

    6. Data-driven marketing

    7. The role of CRM and data in sponsorship

    8. Business change and change management

    9. Data and the law

    10. Where do we go from here?


    Fiona Green has operated in the sports industry for over 30 years. Her experience has predominantly been representing rights owners in sponsorship, TV rights and merchandise/licensing across many sports including football, athletics, cricket, sailing, rugby, formula 1, horse racing, and tennis. Fiona specialises in the field of data-driven marketing, business intelligence and analytics and applies her knowledge of this area to her inherent understanding of a rights owner’s business model and objectives, specifically in revenue generation, participation growth and stakeholder engagement.

    "Because sports is a different creature than most other industries using CRM, Fiona Green is the one who needed to be writing this book. She has the experience, the insights and the writing chops to make sure that you not only understand CRM per se but understand how it applies to the world of sports in the way that it is supposed. Pay attention to her because Fiona tells you not just how to think about it but what to do." - Paul Greenberg, Managing Principal, The 56 Group, LLC, Author, CRM at the Speed of Light (4th Edition)

    "It’s refreshing to read about the use of CRM to increase the number of people playing and volunteering in sport, in addition to the more traditional rationale. It’s important we continue to focus on the growth of our sports - some of the methods discussed in the book can be easily applied to that task. I recommend this for other professionals with a responsibility for sports development." - Sunil Gulati, President, U.S. Soccer Federation, FIFA Committee member, Senior Lecturer, Columbia University

    "Audience data management is still one of the most under-maximised aspects of sports marketing. The industry has a lot to learn, and a lot of opportunity ahead of it once it masters the profiling of its audience. This book is a great catalyst for anyone trying to take the next steps in their education on CRM maximisation, and presents it in a way that can educate everyone from leaders in the space through to people just arriving on the scene." - Nick Meacham. Managing Director , SportsPro Media

    "This book is an excellent guide to using CRM in sport. It focuses on the critical points sports management must get right to get the full benefits of CRM. It is well written and organised and will become a key resource for the industry." - Merlin Stone, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, St Mary's University