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Youth, Young Adulthood and Society

About the Series

The Youth, Young Adulthood and Society series approaches youth as a distinct area, bringing together social scientists from many disciplines to present cutting-edge research monographs and collections on young people in societies around the world today. The books present original, exciting research, with strongly theoretically- and empirically-grounded analysis, advancing the field of youth studies. Originally set up and edited by Andy Furlong, the series presents interdisciplinary and truly international, comparative research monographs.

Contacts for the series:

Professor Tracy Shildrick: [email protected]

Professor John Goodwin: [email protected]

Professor Henrietta O'Connor: [email protected]

Emily Briggs at Routledge: [email protected]

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Modernization as Lived Experiences Three Generations of Young Men and Women in China

Modernization as Lived Experiences: Three Generations of Young Men and Women in China

1st Edition

By Fengshu Liu
November 11, 2019

This book examines, in a culturally and contextually sensitive way, the particularity of what it means to be young in post-Mao China undergoing rapid and dramatic transformation by comparing childhood and youth experiences over three generations. The analysis draws on life-history interviews with...

Brazilian Youth Global Trends and Local Perspectives

Brazilian Youth: Global Trends and Local Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Cláudia Pereira
September 18, 2019

The collection brings together texts of Brazilian researchers who are dedicated to themes related to studies of youth cultures: social interactions, subcultures, identities and belonging, pop culture, social movements, migration, consumption and materialities, generational exchanges, media ...

Spaces of Youth Work, Citizenship and Culture in a Global Context

Spaces of Youth: Work, Citizenship and Culture in a Global Context

1st Edition

By David Farrugia
June 04, 2019

Contemporary young people are situated within a complex and disorienting set of social changes that are reshaping how youth is constructed, governed and experienced across the globe. Historically, it has been taken for granted that youth primarily concerns time, especially with regards to personal ...

Transitions to Adulthood Through Recession Youth and Inequality in a European Comparative Perspective

Transitions to Adulthood Through Recession: Youth and Inequality in a European Comparative Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Sarah Irwin, Ann Nilsen
June 04, 2019

Long-running trends towards increasing inequality between the rich and poor across Europe have been exacerbated by the 2008 global financial crisis and its aftermath. As employment opportunities for young people diminish and as the welfare state is pulled back, pathways to adulthood change and ...

Young People in the Labour Market Past, Present, Future

Young People in the Labour Market: Past, Present, Future

1st Edition

By Andy Furlong, John Goodwin, Henrietta O'Connor, Sarah Hadfield, Stuart Hall, Kevin Lowden, Réka Plugor
June 04, 2019

Levels of suffering among young people have always been much higher than governments suggest. Indeed, policies aimed at young workers have often been framed in ways that help secure conformity to a new employment landscape in which traditional securities have been progressively removed. ...

Youth Homelessness and Survival Sex Intimate Relationships and Gendered Subjectivities

Youth Homelessness and Survival Sex: Intimate Relationships and Gendered Subjectivities

1st Edition

By Juliet Watson
June 04, 2019

Survival sex, commonly understood to be the exchange of sex for material support, is a practice that is associated with young homeless women. However, such a narrow definition of survival sex fails to recognise the multiple, complex, and coexisting motivations of young homeless women for engaging ...

Youth, Class and Everyday Struggles

Youth, Class and Everyday Struggles

1st Edition

By Steven Threadgold
May 24, 2019

The concept of everyday struggles can enliven our understanding of the lives of young people and how social class is made and remade. This book invokes a Bourdieusian spirit to think about the ways young people are pushed and pulled by the normative demands directed at them from an early age, ...

Young Migrant Identities Creativity and Masculinity

Young Migrant Identities: Creativity and Masculinity

1st Edition

By Sherene Idriss
May 21, 2019

In this day and age, much has been discussed as to what it means ‘to be an Arab’. However, this enlightening volume seeks instead to invite us deeper into young Arab–Australian men’s lives as we explore their vocational aspirations and working experiences within highly racialised and hierarchical ...

Muslim Youth in the Diaspora Challenging Extremism through Popular Culture

Muslim Youth in the Diaspora: Challenging Extremism through Popular Culture

1st Edition

By Pam Nilan
May 17, 2019

In a world where the term Islam is ever-increasingly an inaccurate and insensitive synonym for terrorism, it is unsurprising that many Muslim youth in the West struggle for a viable sense of identity. This book takes up the hotly-debated issue of Muslim youth identity in western countries from the...

Young People and the Aesthetics of Health Promotion Beyond Reason, Rationality and Risk

Young People and the Aesthetics of Health Promotion: Beyond Reason, Rationality and Risk

1st Edition

By Kerry Montero, Peter Kelly
May 17, 2019

Health promotion with young people has largely been framed by theories of behaviour change to target ‘unsafe’, ‘unhealthy’ and/or ‘risky’ behaviours. These theories and models seek to encourage the development in young people of reasoned, rational and risk-aware personal strategies. This book ...

Youth in the Digital Age Paradox, Promise, Predicament

Youth in the Digital Age: Paradox, Promise, Predicament

1st Edition

Edited By Kate C Tilleczek, Valerie M Campbell
January 21, 2019

Young people spend a significant amount of time with technology, particularly digital and social media. How do they experience and cope with the many influences of digital media in their lives? What are the main challenges and opportunities they navigate in living online? Youth in the Digital Age ...

Youth, Technology, Governance, Experience Adults Understanding Young People

Youth, Technology, Governance, Experience: Adults Understanding Young People

1st Edition

Edited By Liam Grealy, Catherine Driscoll, Anna Hickey-Moody
June 18, 2018

How do adults understand youth? How do their conceptions inform interventions into young lives or involve young people’s experiences? This volume tackles these questions by exploring adults’ ideas about youth. Specifically, Youth, Technology, Governance, Experience examines the four titular ...

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