Sai Loo is an academic at University College London (UCL Institute of Education). He teaches on the doctoral and MA programmes and prior to that, teacher education programmes for further education and higher education sectors. Before joining UCL, he taught accounting and finance at higher education institutions on undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes, and vocational areas in further education. Sai has worked in industry as a Chartered Accountant.
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
His areas of research interests are in the micro perspectives of ‘occupational education’, which relate to the interdisciplinary approaches to identifying, defining and applying knowledge in work, learning and teaching settings. His projects and publications have focused on the further and higher education sectors, and professional education especially around teacher education (teacher educators and teachers) and professional practices in work-related settings of the knowledge economy and clinical disciplines. He has published widely in over 100 publications, conference papers and keynotes (85 per cent are single-authored). Some of the professional websites can be accessed at;