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Daniel Osborn

Dean College

Daniel Osborn, Ed.D. is an instructor of history and education at Dean College. His research examines the interplay between historical narratives, collective identity formation, social studies education, and the representation of subaltern communities in textbooks and classroom discourse.


Daniel Osborn, Ed.D. is an instructor at Dean College where he teaches history and education courses. His scholarly background is in Middle Eastern and Jewish History and Curriculum and Teaching with an emphasis on multicultural education. His research explores the relationship between historical narrative construction, collective identity formation, and the portrayal of subaltern communities in social studies textbooks and classroom discourse with current research examining the representations of Jewish, Arab, and Muslim communities within curricular frameworks.

His book examines the lived classroom experience of social studies educators and the discourse they employed when discussing the Middle East and Africa in instructional settings. Unlike textbook analyses that critically interrogate published narratives, this work focuses on the agency of classroom educators and their language when portraying varied and diverse populations inhabiting the Middle East and Africa. Examining the concept of "otherness" as it manifests itself in the social space of school settings, this book provides insights into the ways classroom discourse is a vehicle for shaping perceptions of subaltern communities in ways that have the potential to reinforce or disrupt the processes of "othering" certain communities.


    MA, Brandeis University, Near East and Judaic Studies
    EdD, Boston University, Curriculum and Teaching

Personal Interests

    Daniel does not spend all of his time thinking about the role of schools in society, their influence in cultivating students' understanding of global diversity, representations of marginalized communities, and the relationship between narratives and identity formation. He also spends his time traveling internationally, gardening, cooking, kayaking, and photographing landscapes.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Representing the Middle East and Africa in Social Studies Education - 1st Edition book cover


Journal of International Social Studies

Constructing Israeli and Palestinian Identity: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of World History Textbooks and Teacher Discourse

Published: Aug 01, 2017 by Journal of International Social Studies
Authors: Daniel Osborn

This research critically evaluates the depiction of Israelis and Palestinians in World History textbooks and World History teachers' instructional discourse, finding that Israelis and Palestinians are almost entirely depicted in relation to war and conflict. This dominant narrative establishes parameters for the ways in which either population can be characterized within classrooms while obscuring substantive recognition of both communities' diversity and cultural identities.