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This FreeBook contains excerpts from five books covering a range of topics within game design and development. Taken as a whole, this is an essential guide for game creation for beginners and experts alike.​

The chapters and topics covered in this FreeBook include:

  • "The Foundations of Game Balance" from Game Balance helps readers understand different types of game balance and how to approach balance when designing a game
  • In "What it Means to be a Video Game Animator" from Game Anim, author Jonathan Cooper explains the role of a game animator and the technical skills required to be a great animator
  • "An Introduction to Patterns in Game Design" from Pattern Language for Game Design examines the importance of patterns in game design and includes 24 useful examples from games such as Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto​
  • "Making Games in a Modular Way" from C# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity 3D offers detail on the code required to create modular games
  • "Game AI" from AI for Games explores high-level issues around game AI: What kinds of approaches work, what they need to take account of and how they can all be put together

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