Advanced Cinematography Techniques

Fine-tune your skills on the art and craft of making motion pictures with this free guide. It covers cinematography techniques on framing, lens and composition, color, lighting, camera movement and more.

The featured chapters have been carefully selected from our range of books written by experienced filmmakers and directors of photography.

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What's included:

1. 'Cinematography' from The Basics of Filmmaking

2. 'Finding the frame' from The Filmmaker's Eye 2e

3. 'Storytelling in Shots: Lenses and Composition' from Introduction to Cinematography

4. 'Color' from The Visual Story 3e

5. 'The Psychology of Lighting' from Basic Cinematography

6. 'Lighting Low-Budget Locations' from Lighting for Digital Video and Television 4e

7'Camera Movement' from Cinematography: Theory and Practice 4e

8. 'Prep, Work Flow Design and Testing' from Digital Cinematography 2e