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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from each of the books below:

1.  Chapter 1: Biological Control of Phytopathogenic Fungi: Mechanisms and Potentials from Agricultural Biocatalysis Edited By Peter Jeschke, Evgeni B. Starikov.

2.  Chapter 1: Biosensors using Metal Oxides as a Sensing Material from Biomedical Engineering Edited By Akihiro Miyauchi, Yuji Miyahara.

3.  Chapter 1: Molecular Biology of the Cell from Biophysics for Beginners By Helmut Schiessel.

4.  Chapter 2: Regulatory Environment from Bringing a Medical Device to the Market By Gennadi Saiko.

5. Chapter 1: Introduction from How Enzymes Work: From Structure to Function By Haruo Suzuki.

6. Chapter 1: A DNA-based method for Rationally Assembling Nanoparticles into Macroscopic Materials from Spherical Nucleic Acids Edited By Chad A. Mirkin.