Guilford Press Couples Therapy Chapter Sampler

Our latest chapter sampler brings together book content on Couples Therapy from Guilford Press and Routledge. This sample chapter collection offers an introduction to key concepts in couples therapy for mental health practitioners, students, and couples searching for a solution to relationship issues.


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What's included:

  1. Convening a Client System and Defining a Problem: The First Phone Call from Integrative Systemic Therapy in Practice
  2. Couple Therapy in the 21st Century from Clinical Handbook of Couple Therapy
  3. We All Need to Be Loved from Compassion for Couples: Building the Skills of Loving Connection 
  4. Couple and Family Therapy Common Factors from Bringing Common Factors to Life in Couple and Family Therapy
  5. How the Couples Therapist Can Avoid Being Caught in a Control Struggle from Couples in Conflict: Clinical Techniques for Navigating Sexual and Relationship Control Struggles
  6. What Is CRAFT? from The CRAFT Treatment Manual for Substance Use Problems: Working with Family Members