SIGS-2 offers the most comprehensive observational instrument available for identifying gifted students grades K–12. Nationally normed and standardized based on more than 65,000 completed scales and 250,000 item responses, the new SIGS-2 offers powerful statistical support for increased equity in gifted and talented programs.

SIGS-2 Forms

A Superior Teacher and Parent Rating Scale

The SIGS consists of two rating scales that can be used together or independently (a Home Rating Scale and a School Rating Scale), featuring: 

  • Bias-Free Items: the rating scale is free of gender and ethnic group bias, including bias-free items to ensure that schools are able to identify gifted students from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • National Norms: The SIGS features national norms, with a norming population of more than 3,600 students.
  • Separate Teacher and Parent Forms: The SIGS includes separate teacher and parent forms to ensure that individuals completing the rating scales will find each item understandable and applicable to the school or home environment.
  • Seven Critical Areas: The rating scale identifies ability in seven areas critical to meeting the federal definition of gifted and talented, each containing 12 items that are rated using a Likert-type scale: General Intellectual Ability, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Creativity, and Leadership.

How to Purchase SIGS-2 

SIGS-2 is a product of Prufrock Press, now a part of Routledge, and is available to purchase in both print and electronic formats. Printed Kits and Manuals can be purchased using a credit card online at

To purchase SIGS-2 using a Purchase Order, please fill out the Contact Us form below to be put in touch with a sales representative. To prepare for your purchase, you can download a W-9 here

The following printed products are available to suit the needs of both new and returning customers:

SIGS Complete Kit

The Complete Kit

If you’re new to SIGS, you might consider starting with the Complete Kit. This kit includes: Home Rating Scale Forms (25), School Rating Scale Forms (25), Summary Forms (25), and Examiner's Manual.

Pack: 9781646321797: $220.00

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SIGS Examiner's Manual

The Examiner's Manual

This technical manual includes the information the examiner needs to administer, score, and interpret the SIGS-2. Information relating to the standardization, reliability, and validity of the SIGS-2 is also found in the manual.

Pb: 9781646321773: $89.95

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SIGS Home Rating Scales

School Rating Scales

The School Rating Scales (SRS) measure talent in students. The SRS can be completed by a student’s teacher or other professional, such as a para­professional, a counselor, or any other educator who knows the student well.

Loose-leaf: 9781646321759: $64.95

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SIGS Home Rating Scales

Home Rating Scales

The Home Rating Scales (HRS) measure talent in students. The HRS can be completed by the student’s parent, guardian, or other caregiver who knows the student well.

Loose-leaf: 9781646321742: $64.95

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The SRS and HRS assess talent in the following seven areas: general intellectual ability, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, creativity, and leadership. The SRS and HRS can be interpreted with reference to national norms included in the Examiner’s Manual, and can be purchased individually in sets of 25 forms or as part of the Complete Kit.

SIGS Summary Forms

Summary Forms

The Summary Form provides the examiner with a place to aggregate information from the SRS and HRS. In addition, there is space on the back of the form for examiners to compare a student’s  SIGS-2  scores  with  other  quantitative  and  qualitative  information  collected  on  the  student.

Loose-leaf: 9781646321766: $39.95

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SIGS-2 Online

The online edition allows teachers to complete the SIGS using any desktop web browser. Individual and group student reports can be exported by gifted program administrators for use in spreadsheets or electronic student data systems or for communicating results with parents. Download the SIGS-2 FAQ to learn more. To inquire about purchasing online seats for your school, please contact us.

SIGS-2 Online (100 Seats): 9781032203232: $250.00