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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from books exploring technological inequalities in education, including the following:

1.  Chapter 3: The Impact of Technology on a Multilingual World: Problems and Opportunities from ICT and International Learning Ecologies: Representation and Sustainability Across Contexts Edited By Ian A. Lubin.

2.  Introduction: from Critical Mobile Pedagogy: Cases of Digital Technologies and Learners at the Margins Edited By John Traxler, Helen Crompton.

3.  Chapter 15: Sparking Inspiration through Motivation and Technology Integration from Transformative Teaching Around the World: Stories of Cultural Impact, Technology Integration, and Innovative Pedagogy Edited By Meina Zhu, Curtis J. Bonk.

4.  Chapter 4: Using Computer Modeling and Drones to Develop Computational Thinking Among Predominantly Black Student from Fostering Computational Thinking Among Underrepresented Students in STEM: Strategies for Supporting Racially Equitable Computing By Jacqueline Leonard, Jakita O. Thomas, Roni Ellington, Monica B. Mitchell, Olatokunbo S. Fashola.

5.  Chapter 5: Promises and perils – the affordances of technology for promoting inclusion of learners in educational settings from Digital Learning and Collaborative Practices: Lessons from Inclusive and Empowering Participation with Emerging Technologies Edited By Eva Brooks, Susanne Dau, Staffan Selander.

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