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International Cases in Business and Management

About the Series

This series of textbooks has been developed to provide students and lecturers with high-quality, peer-reviewed and concise teaching cases, which explore key business and management topics set in real-life scenarios around the world.

All cases included in each book are short – between 1500 and 2500 words - and are crafted to encourage class discussion and critical reflection. Cases are accompanied by a rich range of online resources for instructors, making effective and rewarding discussion in the classroom and corporate training room easy. All cases are real-world, with no composites and no invented situations. Some of them come from secondary sources, some from personal experience, and some from field research.

The series is suitable for all levels of university education, including MBA and Executive Education, and organizational training environments.

Overall, International Cases in Business and Management aims to:

  • Use concise teaching cases to link business research with business practice, allowing participants to discuss, test and explore concepts and models;
  • Support a blended learning curriculum that offers cases alongside a range of online ancillary materials;
  • Provide instructors with access to a growing library of concise teaching cases that can be taught easily;
  • Build a repository of concise teaching cases that reflect an international and diverse range of protagonists, aimed at a truly global audience.

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