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Access the companion material from your textbooks or look for books you may want to use for self-study, supplementing course reading, or guides on your hobbies or interests.

Our Basics Series

Concise yet informative, these student resources are highly accessible and affordable; designed with the needs of learners in mind, they provide first-class coverage of all themes of a subject, as well as exceptional study support. Click here to see a catalog of these titles.

Focal Press titles

Want information on photography techniques or Photoshop? Looking to make your own film? Focal Press has many how-to guides on media arts subjects written by professionals in the field. Inspirational and well as educational – check them out at!

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Search by subject to find books in your area of interest. Our music list has titles on John Coltrane and Duke Ellington. Our health and social care lists feature the latest theories and facts on psychology today.

Student resources on your textbooks

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Student Survival Skills

Student Survival Skills