Actinobacteria : Application in Bioremediation and Production of Industrial Enzymes book cover
1st Edition

Application in Bioremediation and Production of Industrial Enzymes

ISBN 9781466578739
Published March 12, 2013 by CRC Press
298 Pages 2 Color & 52 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book describes isolated actinobacteria from different environments, and how these can be used to bioremediate heavy metals and pesticides in contaminated sites. It also describes how free-living actinobacteria acquire the capability to produce nodules in plants and how this factor could be important for accelerating the degradation of pesticides in soils or slurries. Some chapters show how actinobacteria can be used to produce industrial enzymes and metabolites under different physicochemical conditions for use in the food industry. This book will interest professionals involved with waste management, environmental protection, and pollution abatement.

Table of Contents

Biology of Actinomycetes in the Rhizosphere of Nitrogen-Fixing Plants
Mariana Solans and Gernot Vobis
Cultural Factors Affecting Heavy Metals Removal by Actinobacteria
Liliana Beatriz Villegas, Analia Rodríguez, Claudia Elisabet Pereira and Carlos Mauricio Abate
Morphological Changes and Oxidative Stress in Actinobacteria during Removal of Heavy Metals
Verónica L. Colin, Liliana B. Villegas, Claudia Pereyra, María J. Amoroso and Carlos M. Abate
Activation of Silent Genes in Actinobacteria by Exploiting Metal Stress
Götz Haferburg and Erika Kothe
Overview of Copper Resistance and Oxidative Stress Response in Amycolatopsis tucumanensis, a Useful Strain for Bioremediation
José S. Dávila Costa, Erika Kothe, María J. Amoroso and Carlos M. Abate
Multi-metal Bioremediation by Microbial Assisted Phytoremediation
Martin Reinicke, Frank Schindler, Martin Roth and Erika Kothe
Cooperative Activity of Actinobacteria and Plants in Soil Bioremediation Processes
Mariana C. Atjian, Marta A. Polti, María J. Amoroso and Carlos M. Abate
Cadmium Bioremediation by a Resistant Streptomyces Strain
Manuel Siñeriz Louis, Erika Kothe and Carlos Mauricio Abate
from Soils Contaminated with Boron Compounds
Norma Beatriz Moraga, María Julia Amoroso and Verónica Beatriz Rajal
Biodegradation of Pesticides by Actinobacteria and their Possible Application in Biobed Systems
Gabriela Briceño, L. Pizzul and María C.Diez
Lindane Removal Using Streptomyces Strains and Maize (Zeas mays) Plants
Analía Álvarez, Luciano Matías Yañez and María Julia Amoroso
Actinobacteria Consortia as Lindane Bioremediation Tool for Liquid and Soil Systems
María S. Fuentes, Juliana M. Sáez, Claudia S. Benimeli and María J. Amoroso
Chlordane Biodegradation Under Aerobic Conditions by Actinobacteria Strains
Natalia Bourguignon, Sergio A. Cuozzo, María S. Fuentes, Claudia S. Benimeli and María J. Amoroso
Metabolic Diversity and Flexibility for Hydrocarbon Biodegradation by Rhodococcus
Héctor M. Alvarez
and Roxana A. Silva
Cold-active Enzymes Bioprospecting from Actinobacteria Isolated from Beagle Channel, in South Extreme of Argentina
Adriana E. Alvarenga, Claudia E. Pereira, Héctor A. Cristóbal and Carlos M. Abate

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Amoroso, Maria Julia; Benimeli, Claudia Susana; Cuozzo, Sergio Antonio