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    by CRC Press

    Presents Drying Breakthroughs for an Array of Materials

    Despite being one of the oldest, most energy-intensive unit operations, industrial drying is perhaps the least scrutinized technique at the microscopic level. Yet in the wake of today’s global energy crisis, drying research and development is on the rise.

    Following in the footsteps of the widely read first edition, Advanced Drying Technologies, Second Edition is the direct outcome of the recent phenomenal growth in drying literature and new drying hardware. This edition provides an evaluative overview of new and emerging drying technologies, while placing greater emphasis on making the drying process more energy efficient in the green age.

    Draws on the Authors’ 60+ Years of Combined Experience

    Fueled by the current energy crisis and growing consumer demand for improved quality products, this thoroughly updated resource addresses cutting-edge drying technologies for numerous materials such as high-valued, heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and some foods. It also introduces innovative techniques, such as heat-pump drying of foods, which allow both industrial practice and research and development projects to save energy, reduce carbon footprints, and thus improve the bottom line.

    Four New Chapters:

    • Spray-Freeze-Drying
    • Fry Drying
    • Refractance Window Drying
    • Mechanical Thermal Expression

    Requiring no prior knowledge of chemical engineering, this single-source reference should assist researchers in turning the laboratory curiosities of today into the revolutionary novel drying technologies of tomorrow.


    Need for Advanced Drying Technologies

    Classification and Selection Criteria: Conventional

    versus Novel Technologies

    Innovation and Trends in Drying Technologies


    Drying on Inert Particles

    Impinging Stream Drying

    Drying in Pulsed Fluid Beds

    Superheated Steam Drying

    Airless Drying

    Drying in Mobilized Beds

    Drying with Shock Waves

    Vacu Jet Drying System

    Contact-Sorption Drying

    Sonic Drying

    Pulse Combustion Drying

    Heat Pump Drying



    Mechanical Thermal Expression

    Displacement Drying

    Vapor Drying

    Slush Drying

    Atmospheric Freeze-Drying


    Refractance Window

    Carver-Greenfield Process


    Microwave–Convective Drying with Cogeneration

    Microwave–Vacuum Drying

    Filtermat Drying

    Spray-Fluid Bed–Vibrated Fluid Bed Dryer

    Combined Filtration and Drying

    Radio-Frequency Drying with 50 O Technology

    Radio Frequency–Assisted Heat Pump Drying

    Radio Frequency–Vacuum Drying

    Miscellaneous Hybrid Technologies


    Special Drying Technologies



    CANMET Energy Technology Centre-Var., Quebec, Canada

    Praise for the First Edition:

    "… summarizes in a capsule form the rapidly evolving technological developments in drying that academic researchers as well as the industrial practitioners must be aware of on a continuing basis to be at the forefront. … well-written and neatly edited so the presented technologies can be followed easily ..."

    Czelsaw Strumillo, Ph.D., D. Sc., Lodz Technical University, Poland, in Drying Technology

    "… its second edition is the direct outcome of the recent growth in drying literature and new drying hardware. …an evaluative overview of the new and emerging technologies in drying, which is not readily accessible in the conventional literature … thoroughly updated edition … The authors attempt to provide the reader with a review of the key developments that have taken place in the past two decades. … includes knowledge not easily accessible to most readers… well written and very neatly edited, so the text can be followed easily by experts, students as well as novices to drying in academia and industry. The content is interesting and useful for numerous specialists, including chemical, mechanical, mineral, ceramics, food, environmental, pharmaceutical and other engineers. I highly recommend this book for acquisition by libraries and individuals involved in drying and allied areas. For young faculty members seeking new challenging ideas for research, this book is a goldmine of new concepts worth pursuing at the fundamental level and improving them to the next stage…."

    Prof. Czeslaw Strumillo, Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Lodz, Poland in Drying Technology, Vol. 27, No. 7