2nd Edition

Applied Dairy Microbiology

Edited By Elmer H. Marth, James Steele Copyright 2001
    764 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This thoroughly revised and updated reference provides comprehensive coverage of the latest developments and scientific advances in dairy microbiology—emphasizing probiotics, fermented dairy products, disease prevention, and public health and regulatory control standards for dairy foods.

    Containing more than 2350 bibliographic citations, tables, drawings and photographs—550 more than the previous edition—Applied Dairy Microbiology, Second Edition is an invaluable reference for all food and dairy microbiologists, scientists, and technologists; toxicologists; food processors; sanitarians; dietitians; epidemiologists; bacteriologists; public health and regulatory personnel; and veterinarians; and an important text for upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in these disciplines.


    Microbiology of the Dairy Animal
    Paul J. Weimer
    Raw Milk and Fluid Milk Products
    Micaela Chadwick Hayes and Kathryn Boor
    Concentrated and Dry Milks and Wheys
    Warren S. Clark, Jr.
    Frozen Desserts
    Robert T. Marshall
    Microbiology of Butter and Related Products
    Jeffrey L. Kornacki, Russell S. Flowers, and Robert L. Bradley, Jr.
    Starter Cultures and Their Use
    Ashraf N. Hassan and Joseph F. Frank
    Metabolism of Starter Cultures
    Robert W. Hutkins
    Genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria
    Jeffery R. Broadbent
    Fermented Milks and Cream
    Vikram V. Mistry
    Probiotics and Prebiotics
    Stanley E. Gilliland
    Cheese Products
    Mark E. Johnson
    Fermented By-Products
    David R. Henning
    Public Health Concerns
    Elliot T. Ryser
    Cleaning and Sanitizing in Milk Production and Processing
    Bruce R. Cords, George R. Dychdala, and Francis L. Richter
    Control of Microorganisms in Dairy Processing: Dairy Product Safety Systems
    Robert D. Byrne and J. Russell Bishop
    Regulatory Control of Milk and Milk Products
    William W. Coleman
    Testing Milk and Milk Products
    Charles H. White
    Treatment of Dairy Wastes
    W. L. Wendorff

    “This volume is an excellent ‘road map’ for practicing microbiologists … . The field of coverage is wide … . … This nicely presented book should be on the shelves of libraries in academic institutions and food research organisations. … I am pleased to have the book on my shelf as a summary of knowledge and a guide to the more specific literature on dairy microbiology.”
    — Food Technology in New Zealand, Vol. 38, No. 4, April 2003
    Praise for the first edition. . .
    " . . .The chapters are well organized and written in lucid style, and are very informative. …fill[s] the void that has been felt over the years in prescribing a suitable text for dairy microbiology, and as a reference for those working with dairy products in the industry. "
    ---Dairy, Food and Environmental Sanitation
    ". . .a useful resource."
    ---Food Technology (1999)
    ". . .an excellent and up-to-date review."
    ---Food Australia (1999)

    "… the book is written in an easy-to-understand style, and can be used as a general and introductory source of dairy products."

    — Hamid Ghoddusi in International Journal Dairy Technology, Vol. 61, No. 1, February 2008