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Ashgate Contemporary Thinkers on Critical Musicology Series: Ashgate Contemporary Thinkers on Critical Musicology Series

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The titles in this series bring together a selection of previously published and some unpublished essays by leading authorities in the field of critical musicology. The essays are chosen from a wide range of publications and so make key works available in a more accessible form. The authors have all made a selection of their own work in one volume with an introduction which discusses the essays chosen and puts them into context. A full bibliography points the reader to other publications which might not be included in the volume for reasons of space. The previously published essays are published using the facsimile method of reproduction to retain their original pagination, so that students and scholars can easily reference the essays in their original form.

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Musical Belongings Selected Essays

Musical Belongings: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Richard Middleton
June 12, 2019

One of the pioneers of popular music studies, Richard Middleton has made an important contribution not only to this particular field but also to the critical and cultural theory of music more generally. Sixteen of his essays, dating from the late 1970s to the present day, have been selected for ...

Sound Judgment Selected Essays

Sound Judgment: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Richard Leppert
June 12, 2019

The essays in Sound Judgment span the full career of Richard Leppert, from his earliest to work that appears here for the first time, on subjects drawn from early modernity to the present concerning music both popular and classical, European and North American. Noted for his path-breaking ...

Critical Musicology and the Responsibility of Response Selected Essays

Critical Musicology and the Responsibility of Response: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Lawrence Kramer
June 07, 2019

Why does music move us? Lawrence Kramer suggests we should ask this old question in a different way: what is responsible for our response to music, and to what is our response responsible? The essays in this outstanding collection explore this question amongst many others, and by finding cultural ...

Sounding Values Selected Essays

Sounding Values: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Scott Burnham
July 28, 2010

For several decades, Scott Burnham has sought to bring a ready ear and plenty of humanistic warmth to musicological inquiry. Sounding Values features eighteen of his essays on mainstream Western music, music theory, aesthetics and criticism. In these writings, Burnham listens for the ...

The Work of Music Theory Selected Essays

The Work of Music Theory: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Thomas Christensen
April 05, 2016

This collection brings together an anthology of articles by Thomas Christensen, one of the leading historians of music theory active today. Published over the span of the past 25 years, the selected articles provide a historical conspectus about a range of vital topics in the history of music ...

Music Theory, Analysis, and Society Selected Essays

Music Theory, Analysis, and Society: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Robert P. Morgan
May 19, 2015

Robert P. Morgan is one of a small number of music theorists writing in English who treat music theory, and in particular Schenkerian theory, as part of general intellectual life. Morgan’s writings are renowned within the field of music scholarship: he is the author of the well-known Norton volume ...

The Politics of Musical Identity Selected Essays

The Politics of Musical Identity: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Annegret Fauser
April 03, 2015

This volume explores the way in which composers, performers, and critics shaped individual and collective identities in music from Europe and the United States from the 1860s to the 1950s. Selected essays and articles engage with works and their reception by Richard Wagner, Georges Bizet (in an ...

Music Education as Critical Theory and Practice Selected Essays

Music Education as Critical Theory and Practice: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Lucy Green
February 04, 2014

This collection of previously published articles, chapters and keynotes traces both the theoretical contribution of Lucy Green to the emergent field of the sociology of music education, and her radical ’hands-on’ practical work in classrooms and instrumental studios. The selection contains a ...

Music-in-Action Selected Essays in Sonic Ecology

Music-in-Action: Selected Essays in Sonic Ecology

1st Edition

By Tia DeNora
February 28, 2011

This volume brings together DeNora’s work published between 1986 and 2007. It includes thirteen essays, some of which have had a major impact on the field. The chapters trace the development of her work from its early concern with musical meaning, historical ethnography and the ’everyday’ ...

Musical Style and Social Meaning Selected Essays

Musical Style and Social Meaning: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Derek B. Scott
October 28, 2010

Why do we feel justified in using adjectives such as romantic, erotic, heroic, melancholic, and a hundred others when speaking about music? How do we locate these meanings within particular musical styles? These are questions that have occupied Derek Scott's thoughts and driven his critical ...

Music, Structure, Thought: Selected Essays

Music, Structure, Thought: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By James Hepokoski
August 28, 2009

Among the most original and provocative musicological writers of his generation, James Hepokoski has elaborated new paradigms of inquiry for both music history and music theory. Advocating fundamental shifts of methodological reorientation within the quest for potential musical meanings, his work ...

Reading Music Selected Essays

Reading Music: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Susan McClary
November 28, 2007

This outstanding collection of Susan McClary's work exemplifies her contribution to a bridging of the gap between historical context, culture and musical practice. The selection includes essays which have had a major impact on the field and others which are less known and reproduced here from ...

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