1st Edition

Automation for Food Engineering Food Quality Quantization and Process Control

    240 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In the past ten years electronics and computer technologies have significantly pushed forward the progress of automation in the food industry. The application of these technologies to automation for food engineering will produce more nutritious, better quality, and safer items for consumers. Automation for Food Engineering: Food Quality Quantization and Process Control explores the usage of advanced methods, such as wavelet analysis and artificial neural networks, to automated food quality evaluation and process control. It introduces novel system prototypes, such as machine vision, elastography, and the electronic nose, for food quality measurement, analysis, and prediction.

    The book discusses advanced techniques, such as medical imaging, mathematical analysis, and statistical modeling, which have proven successful in food engineering. The authors use the characteristics of food processes to describe concepts, and they employ data from food engineering applications to explain the methods. To aid in the comprehension of technical information, they provide real-world examples and case studies from food engineering projects.

    The material covers the frameworks, techniques, designs, algorithms, tests and implementation of data acquisition, analysis, modeling, prediction, and control in automation for food engineering. It demonstrates the techniques for automation of food engineering, and helps you in the development of techniques for your own applications. Automation for Food Engineering: Food Quality Quantization and Process Control is the first and only book that gives a systematical study and summary about concepts, principles, methods, and practices in food quality quantization and process control.

    Food Quality: A Primary Concern of Food Industry
    Automated Evaluation of Food Quality
    Food Quality Quantization and Process Control
    Typical Problems in Food Quality Evaluation and Process Control
    How to Learn the Technologies
    Data Acquisition
    Concepts and Systems for Data Acquisition
    Image Acquisition
    Data Analysis
    Data Pre-Processing
    Data Analysis
    Image Processing
    Modeling Strategy
    Linear Statistical Modeling
    ANN Modeling
    Prediction and Classification
    One-Step-Ahead Prediction
    Multiple-Step-Ahead Prediction
    Process Control
    Internal Model Control
    Predictive Control
    Systems Integration
    Food Quality Quantization Systems Integration
    Food Quality Process Control Systems Integration
    Food Quality Quantization and Process Control Systems Development
    Concluding Remarks


    Yanbo Huang, A. Dale Whittaker, Ronald E. Lacey