2nd Edition

Basic Laboratory Calculations for Biotechnology

By Lisa A. Seidman Copyright 2022
    578 Pages 114 Color & 190 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    578 Pages 114 Color & 190 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    578 Pages 114 Color & 190 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    To succeed in the lab, it is crucial to be comfortable with the math calculations that are part of everyday work. This accessible introduction to common laboratory techniques focuses on the basics, helping even readers with good math skills to practice the most frequently encountered types of problems.

    Basic Laboratory Calculations for Biotechnology, Second Edition discusses very common laboratory problems, all applied to real situations. It explores multiple strategies for solving problems for a better understanding of the underlying math. Primarily organized around laboratory applications, the book begins with more general topics and moves into more specific biotechnology laboratory techniques at the end.  

    This book features hundreds of practice problems, all with solutions and many with boxed, complete explanations; plus hundreds of "story problems" relating to real situations in the lab. Additional features include:

    • Discusses common laboratory problems with all material applied to real situations
    • Presents multiple strategies for solving problems help students to better understand the underlying math
    • Provides hundreds of practice problems and their solutions
    • Enables students to complete the material in a self-paced course structure with little teacher assistance
    • Includes hundreds of "story problems"that relate to real situations encountered in the laboratory

    Unit I: Brief Review of Some Basic Math Techniques.1. Exponents and Scientific Notation. 2. Logarithms. 3. Units of Measurement. 4. Measurements and Significant Figures. 5. Using Equations to Describe a Relationship. Unit II: Applications of Proportional Relationships in the Biology Laboratory. 6. Ratios and Proportions. 7. Unit Conversions. 8. Density. 9. Dosages. 10. Percents. 11. Introduction to Concentration Problems. 12. Preparing Laboratory Solutions That Contain One Solute. 13. Preparing Laboratory Solutions That Contain More Than One Solute. 14. Dilutions.Unit III: Describing Relationships with Equations and Graphs. 15. Graphing Linear Equations. 16. Spectrophotometry. 17. Graphing Exponential Equations. Unit IV: Introduction to Descriptive Statistics. 18. Descriptive Statistics: Measures of Central Tendency. 19. Descriptive Statistics: Measures of Dispersion. 20. Statistics and Graphical Methods of Describing Data.Unit V. Biotechnology Applications. Calculations Relating to Animal Cell Culture. 21. Common Calculations Relating to Animal Cell Culture Techniques. 22. Amount and concentration of Nucleic Acids. 23. Calculations Relating to Common Molecular Biology Techniques. 24. The Polymerase Chain Reaction. 25. Quantitative PCR. 26. Calculations Relating to Protein Purification and Analysis.


    Lisa Seidman received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and has taught for more than 20 years in the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Program at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin.