1st Edition

Chemical Senses Receptor Events and Transduction in Taste and Olfaction

    This book focuses on the initial biochemical and biophysical aspects of taste and olfaction. It is intended for a wide audience, both those already familiar with the chemical senses and those biochemists and neuro-biologists interested in gaining an appreciation of this rapidly expanding discipline.

    The Transduction of Biological Signals: Focus on Phospholipase A2 Part I: Biochemical Events in Taste Reception and Transduction 1. Stimulus-Evoked Transepithelial Lingual Currents and the Gustatory Neural Response: Implications for Transduction and Adaptation 2. Receptor Site Specificity in Taste: Characterization of Amino Acid Taste Receptors from the Cutaneous Taste System of Ictalurus punctatus 3. Chemical Stimulus Discrimination by Specific and Nonspecific Receptor Mechanisms and Their Transduction Sequences 4. Second-Messenger Events in Taste Part II: Ionic Mechanisms of Taste Cell Activation 5. Ionic Mechanisms of the Resting Potential and Quinine-Induced Receptor Potential in Frog Taste Cells 6. Ion Channels and Taste Transduction 7. Ionic Currents in Taste Cells and Reconstituted Taste Epithelial Membranes 8. Chemoreception of Salt Taste: The Blockage of Stationary Sodium Currents by Amiloride in Isolated Receptor Cells and Excised Membrane Patches 9. Mechanism of Sour Taste Transduction in Mudpuppy Taste Cells Part III: Biochemical Events in Olfactory Reception and Transduction 10. Structure/Activity Studies and Characterization of an Odorant-Binding Protein 11. Odorant-Binding Protein: Sequence Analysis and Localization Suggest an Odorant Transport Function 12. Biochemistry of Purinergic Olfaction: The Importance of Nucleotide Dephosphorylation 13. Receptor-Activated Chemosensory Enzyme Cascades 14. Second-Messenger Signalling Mechanisms in Olfaction Part IVA: Ionic Mechanisms of Olfactory Transduction 15. A Role for Cyclic AMP in Olfactory Transduction 16. Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Electrical Activity in Olfactory Receptor Cells 17. Excitation by Odorants of Olfactory Receptor Cells: Molecular Interactions at the Ciliary Membrane 18. Stimulus-Driven Chemosensory Membrane Channels on Crayfish Sensory Cells 19. Activation of Lobster Olfactory Receptor Cells by Complex Stimuli: Evidence for Multiple Conductance Pathways Part IVB: Ionic Mechanisms of Olfactory Transduction 20. Odor Detection and Discrimination: Can Isolated Olfactory Receptor Neurons Smell? 21. Channel Activities in In Vivo and Isolated Olfactory Receptor Cells 22. Ionic Mechanisms Underlying the Olfactory Response 23. Voltage-and Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Currents in Isolated Olfactory Receptor Cells Part V: Conclusion 24. Summation of the Conference


    Joseph G. Brand, John H. Teeter, Robert H. Cagan, Morley R. Kare