Chemical Senses : Receptor Events and Transduction in Taste and Olfaction book cover
1st Edition

Chemical Senses
Receptor Events and Transduction in Taste and Olfaction

ISBN 9780824781620
Published August 29, 1989 by CRC Press
558 Pages

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Book Description

This book focuses on the initial biochemical and biophysical aspects of taste and olfaction. It is intended for a wide audience, both those already familiar with the chemical senses and those biochemists and neuro-biologists interested in gaining an appreciation of this rapidly expanding discipline.

Table of Contents

The Transduction of Biological Signals: Focus on Phospholipase A2 Part I: Biochemical Events in Taste Reception and Transduction 1. Stimulus-Evoked Transepithelial Lingual Currents and the Gustatory Neural Response: Implications for Transduction and Adaptation 2. Receptor Site Specificity in Taste: Characterization of Amino Acid Taste Receptors from the Cutaneous Taste System of Ictalurus punctatus 3. Chemical Stimulus Discrimination by Specific and Nonspecific Receptor Mechanisms and Their Transduction Sequences 4. Second-Messenger Events in Taste Part II: Ionic Mechanisms of Taste Cell Activation 5. Ionic Mechanisms of the Resting Potential and Quinine-Induced Receptor Potential in Frog Taste Cells 6. Ion Channels and Taste Transduction 7. Ionic Currents in Taste Cells and Reconstituted Taste Epithelial Membranes 8. Chemoreception of Salt Taste: The Blockage of Stationary Sodium Currents by Amiloride in Isolated Receptor Cells and Excised Membrane Patches 9. Mechanism of Sour Taste Transduction in Mudpuppy Taste Cells Part III: Biochemical Events in Olfactory Reception and Transduction 10. Structure/Activity Studies and Characterization of an Odorant-Binding Protein 11. Odorant-Binding Protein: Sequence Analysis and Localization Suggest an Odorant Transport Function 12. Biochemistry of Purinergic Olfaction: The Importance of Nucleotide Dephosphorylation 13. Receptor-Activated Chemosensory Enzyme Cascades 14. Second-Messenger Signalling Mechanisms in Olfaction Part IVA: Ionic Mechanisms of Olfactory Transduction 15. A Role for Cyclic AMP in Olfactory Transduction 16. Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Electrical Activity in Olfactory Receptor Cells 17. Excitation by Odorants of Olfactory Receptor Cells: Molecular Interactions at the Ciliary Membrane 18. Stimulus-Driven Chemosensory Membrane Channels on Crayfish Sensory Cells 19. Activation of Lobster Olfactory Receptor Cells by Complex Stimuli: Evidence for Multiple Conductance Pathways Part IVB: Ionic Mechanisms of Olfactory Transduction 20. Odor Detection and Discrimination: Can Isolated Olfactory Receptor Neurons Smell? 21. Channel Activities in In Vivo and Isolated Olfactory Receptor Cells 22. Ionic Mechanisms Underlying the Olfactory Response 23. Voltage-and Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Currents in Isolated Olfactory Receptor Cells Part V: Conclusion 24. Summation of the Conference

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Joseph G. Brand, John H. Teeter, Robert H. Cagan, Morley R. Kare