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Creative, Social and Transnational Perspectives on Translation

About the Series

This series turns the spotlight on translation as an intrinsic and ubiquitous part of transnational social and cultural practices. The series is committed to bringing together two approaches to translation—the linguistic and the cultural—by commissioning books that examine how linguistic and cultural forms of translation inform each other. The recent move within translation studies towards studying languages and linguistic practices within wider social, cultural and political contexts is an important shift and can fruitfully inform wider cultural studies scholarship. This may range from large conceptual frameworks that define particular historical periods or societies to the minutiae that may have transformed the everyday.

This series counters the vision of translation as a static or instrumentalist activity that takes place only between languages or translators. Instead, it aims to place translation centre and front as the active, agentic and ineluctable integer in a mobile and malleable space of society. It recognises the site of translation as an exceptionally creative one that operates between any number of known and unknown quantities to make sense of the fast-transforming world around us, to understand the continuation of the past in our present and how historical moments inform the contemporary. These acts of interpretation, mediation and negotiation constantly take place across cultures through visual, vocal, aural, written, analogue and digital technologies.

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The Experience of Translation Materiality and Play in Experiential Translation

The Experience of Translation: Materiality and Play in Experiential Translation

1st Edition


Edited By Madeleine Campbell, Ricarda Vidal
April 09, 2024

Campbell, Vidal and their contributors expand the notion of translation beyond linguistic, modal and medial borders to embrace posthumanist perspectives through a holistic experiential epistemology which envisions translation as engaged, situated social practice.   The first of two volumes, this ...

Intersemiotic Perspectives on Emotions Translating across Signs, Bodies and Values

Intersemiotic Perspectives on Emotions: Translating across Signs, Bodies and Values

1st Edition


Edited By Susan Petrilli, Meng Ji
January 29, 2024

This edited volume explores emotion and its translations through the global world from a variety of different perspectives, as a personal, socio- cultural, ideological, ethical and political, even business investment in the latest phases of globalisation. Emotions are powerful in engaging or ...

Translating Memories of Violent Pasts Memory Studies and Translation Studies in Dialogue

Translating Memories of Violent Pasts: Memory Studies and Translation Studies in Dialogue

1st Edition

Edited By Claudia Jünke, Désirée Schyns
August 31, 2023

This collection brings together work from Memory Studies and Translation Studies to explore the role of interlingual and intercultural translation for unpacking transcultural memory dynamics, focusing on memories of violent pasts across different literary genres. The book explores the potential of ...

Translating Worlds Migration, Memory, and Culture

Translating Worlds: Migration, Memory, and Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Susannah Radstone, Rita Wilson
April 29, 2022

This international and interdisciplinary volume explores the relations between translation, migration, and memory. It brings together humanities researchers from a range of disciplines including history, museum studies, memory studies, translation studies, and literary, cultural, and media studies ...

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