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DōShorts are a collection of concise, high-quality books for professionals, including a guide to the circular economy, the use of digital media in brand-builidng, integrated reporting, and how-to guides on producing a sustainability report, measuring a building's energy use, and valuing natural and social capital. They address one sustainability challenge at a time and can be read in 90 minutes. We aim to make those 90 minutes deliver value on a par with an expert seminar or master class.

The collection includes practical how-to guides as well as framework pieces and business briefings that give an expert overview of cutting edge developments in a wide range of fields.

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Strategic Sustainable Procurement Law and Best Practice for the Public and Private Sectors

Strategic Sustainable Procurement: Law and Best Practice for the Public and Private Sectors

1st Edition

By Colleen Theron, Malcolm Dowden
September 06, 2014

Procurement is playing an increasingly strategic role as a lever for sustainable development and social and environmental responsibility. Greater regulation on sustainable procurement in the public sector, including significant changes to the EU Directive in April 2014, are driving this change.This...

Smart Engagement Why, What, Who and How

Smart Engagement: Why, What, Who and How

1st Edition

By John Aston, Alan Knight
July 10, 2014

Businesses that thrive in the 21st century will be those that are smart about "engagement". These businesses are the best at adapting to changing societal concerns, expectations, risks and opportunities and they know how to generate sustainable outcomes.However, while many companies talk a lot ...

Creating Employee Champions How to Drive Business Success through Sustainability Engagement Training

Creating Employee Champions: How to Drive Business Success through Sustainability Engagement Training

1st Edition

By Joanna Sullivan
June 23, 2014

Disengaged employees cost companies billions in lost productivity and high turnover rates. Integrating sustainability into the soul of your business can unleash an "upward spiral" of engagement, and turn your employees into sustainability champions.Making business sustainability part of the job ...

Lobbying for Good How Business Advocacy Can Accelerate the Delivery of a Sustainable Economy

Lobbying for Good: How Business Advocacy Can Accelerate the Delivery of a Sustainable Economy

1st Edition

By Paul Monaghan, Philip Monaghan
May 24, 2014

The business case for sustainability or corporate responsibility will never be strong enough to support an isolated business in its competition against the unscrupulous. The progressive vanguard reaches a point where it can advance no further without rendering itself uncompetitive. That is, unless ...

How Much Energy Does Your Building Use?

How Much Energy Does Your Building Use?

1st Edition

By Kerry Mashford, Liz Reason
May 17, 2014

Why do award-winning "green" buildings so often have higher energy bills than ordinary buildings? Why do expensive refurbishments deliver outcomes that are far from the promises of improved sustainability? Why does your building have high running costs and still the occupants complain about being ...

Cultivating System Change A Practitioner’s Companion

Cultivating System Change: A Practitioner’s Companion

1st Edition

By Anna Birney
May 12, 2014

Where should you start if you are faced with massive systemic challenges or want to cultivate a shift towards sustainability in global systems? Where are the leverage points for systemic change? This book provides examples of what organizations and companies like the Sustainable Shipping Initiative...

Creating a Sustainable Brand A Guide to Growing the Sustainability Top Line

Creating a Sustainable Brand: A Guide to Growing the Sustainability Top Line

1st Edition

By Henk Campher
April 27, 2014

Sustainable brands may have started as "doing less harm" and shaving costs off the bottom line. But brands today, supported by over a decade of phenomenal changes in sustainability, are looking for the holy grail of sustainable business – a fusion of products and branding that can actually ...

Behaviour Change for Sustainability

Behaviour Change for Sustainability

1st Edition

By Adam Corner, Gareth Kane, Paula Owen
April 14, 2014

Behaviour Change for Sustainability is a compilation of 3 bestselling sustainability guides that gathers together, in one place, a variety of effective tools and techniques for encouraging a lasting shift to sustainable behaviours in business and society. Promoting Sustainable Behaviour offers the ...

Better Corporate Reporting

Better Corporate Reporting

1st Edition

By Carol Adams, Elaine Cohen, Dwayne Baraka
April 14, 2014

Better Corporate Reporting outlines the latest frameworks for enhancing non-financial and sustainability reporting. It shows you how to integrate non-financial data into your reporting and overall strategy, creating long-term value, trust and transparency. It includes guides to: the International ...

Sustainability for SMEs

Sustainability for SMEs

1st Edition

By Elaine Cohen, Alexandra McKay, Philip Wolfe
April 14, 2014

Sustainability for SMEs offers a comprehensive introduction to the key business cases and techniques for putting sustainability at the heart of your business strategy.Small businesses make a significant collective impact on the environment and society – but only a tiny percentage of SMEs ...

Making Sustainability Matter How to Make Materiality Drive Profit, Strategy and Communications

Making Sustainability Matter: How to Make Materiality Drive Profit, Strategy and Communications

1st Edition

By Dwayne Baraka
February 17, 2014

Materiality is the lynch-pin that can align your sustainability initiatives with your organizational strategy – and form the basis of communications and reports that generate trust and transparency. What's more, most companies could be significantly more profitable by engaging with their most ...

Corporate Sustainability in India A Practical Guide for Multinationals

Corporate Sustainability in India: A Practical Guide for Multinationals

1st Edition

By Caroline Twigg
December 22, 2013

This short guide offers practical insights for companies or foundations who want to run their business in India in a sustainable way.In this concise, expert guide, Caroline Twigg draws on her experience of setting up the India office for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. She ...

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