1st Edition

A Voyage Through the Plasma Universe

ISBN 9780750306393
Published December 1, 1999 by CRC Press
158 Pages

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Book Description

Journeying through fusion in the universe, Fusion: A Voyage Through the Plasma Universe discusses all aspects of fusion and how they relate to our universe. It also studies the attempts to produce fusion energy on Earth. The book addresses a wide range of topics from stars, galaxies, comets, pulsars, black holes, and quasars to the auroras, lightning, and fluorescent tubes.

Interestingly, the author explores how artists and authors like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Hannes Alfvén have been fascinated by cosmic phenomena that rely on fusion and plasmas. He discusses motions in plasma, such as flames, waves, and whirls similar to those that occur in water.

The book also examines several other branches of science where parallels can be found with fusion plasmas, including ecological systems that provide only very short-term weather forecasts and the dramatic changes in the world economy with its explosive tendencies and sometimes catastrophic results. It briefly shows how these nonlinear phenomena are at the heart of modern fusion plasma theory.

Table of Contents

Nuclear Fusion
The Cosmos
The Plasma Universe
Electrical Discharges

Dynamic Fine Structure of Plasmas
The Art of Magnetic Confinement
Microballoon Explosions by Lasers: Inertial Confinement
The Fusion Reactor
Outlook into the Future

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"This delightful little book should really be entitled 'Fusion and related Matters' since its scope is extremely wide…"
- Plasma Physics, vol. 64, part 2

"The book balancedly represents all aspects of fusion, from history up to present-day research … the present work is of interest to anyone with some curiosity about fusion and plasma physics."
-C.V. Meister, Astronomische Nachtrichten

"Hans Wilhelmsson has written a fine, 'popular' but rigorous, exposition of the current state of plasma physics related to fusion. His book deserves to reach a wide audience and especially young students."
-European Journal of Physics

"This small but well-written book covers and emphasizes the importance of plasma physics in astrophysics and its potential use in solving the earth's energy problems."