1st Edition

Introduction to Dusty Plasma Physics

By P.K Shukla, A.A Mamun Copyright 2001

    Introduction to Dusty Plasma Physics contains a detailed description of the occurrence of dusty plasmas in our Solar System, the Earth's mesosphere, and in laboratory discharges. The book illustrates numerous mechanisms for charging dust particles and provides studies of the grain dynamics under the influence of forces that are common in dusty plasma environments.

    Dust Grain Charging Process
    Dynamics of Dust Grains
    Linear Waves
    Elongated and Rotating Dust Grains
    Coherent Nonlinear Structures
    Dust Crystals


    A.A Mamun, P.K Shukla

    "This book is an excellent and timely introduction to the fastest developing branch of plasma physics. While the emphasis is on collective processes in dusty plasmas, an area where the authors are leading authorities, the basic processes of dust charging and their physical and dynamical consequences are discussed in considerable detail. The material is well organized and the writing style is lucid. I consider this book essential reading to anyone who desires an authoritative introduction to this fascinating area of research."
    - Prof. D.A. Mendis, University of California San Diego, USA

    "This text presents a timely and pertinent introduction to the new area of dusty plasma physics by one of the major contributors to the field and one of his close collaborators. The book begins by indicating the ubiquity and importance of charged dust in plasma environments. The book then develops the physics of dusty plasmas, with particular emphasis on waves, instabilities, and nonlinear structures. I am sure that this work will stimulate an already rapidly growing area of physics. It will be useful both to experimentalists and theoreticians who wish to acquire a broad and solid introduction to the field of dusty plasmas."
    - J.T. Mendonca, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal

    "The book … was written by authors who directly participated in the development of dusty plasma theory. It addresses current knowledge about dusty plasmas and summarizes more than 20 years of research in this rapidly evolving subject with its own wide range of topics … . A useful discussion of the electrodynamics of a dusty plasma containing nonspherical dust particles finalizes the large coverage of collective phenomena … . Overall, the book gives a comprehensive analysis of basic dusty plasma physics, combining in an original way laboratory and space plasma topics. There is no doubt that the book will find a well-deserved place on the shelves of all the plasma physicists and astrophysicists with an interest in space and laboratory dusty plasmas."
    -Victoria Yaroshenko, Max-Planck-Institut fur Exraterrestrische Physik

    "…for the first time these phenomena are clearly explained and catalogued in a single work."
    -E. Stoffels and W.W. Stoffels in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

    "Our understanding of dusty plasmas has advanced significantly in the past 15 years, with the authors playing a significant role, especially in understanding collective modes of oscillation and instabilities. It is these topics that form the centerpiece of this short book, with chapters on waves and instabilities in a dusty plasma with and without a magnetic field, the role that dust grain shape and rotation plays in determining the wave properties, and on non-linear waves. The book also addresses in some detail the methods for charging dust grains, the various forces acting on dusty plasma, and dust crystals. There is also a brief review of the applications of the work to space and laboratory plasmas.

    The book is written for researchers with a strong background in plasma physics … . It will be very handy for workers in the field of dusty plasma who wish to have rather detailed results at their finger tips, and who can readily infer the physical implication of the various equations."
    - P. Cargill in Contemporary Physics