1st Edition

Industrial Plasma Engineering Volume 2 - Applications to Nonthermal Plasma Processing

By J Reece Roth Copyright 2001

    Written by a leading expert in the field, the paperback edition of Industrial Plasma Engineering, Volume 2: Applications to Nonthermal Plasma Processing provides a background in the principles and applications of low temperature, partially ionized Lorentzian plasmas that are used industrially. The book also presents a description of plasma-related processes and devices that are of commercial interest. The text is suitable for students or in-service users with a physics and calculus background at the sophomore level. These two volumes are intended to be used as textbooks at the senior or first-year graduate level by students from all engineering and physical science disciplines and as a reference source by in-service engineers.

    Surface Interactions in Plasma Processing
    Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sources
    Vacuum Plasma Sources
    Plasma Reactors for Plasma Processing
    Specialized Techniques and Devices for Plasma Processing
    Parametric Plasma Effects on Plasma Processing
    Diagnostics for Plasma Processing
    Plasma Treatment of Surfaces
    Surface Modification by Implantation and Diffusion
    Thin Film Deposition by Evaporative Condensation and Sputtering
    Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (PCVD)
    Plasma Etching


    J Reece Roth