Global Governance

Global Governance

Series Editor:

Global Governance

Series Editor: John J. Kirton, University of Toronto, Canada

Global governance is growing rapidly to meet the compounding challenges of a globalized 21st-century world. Many issues once dealt with largely at the local, national or regional level are now going global, in the economic, social and political-security domains. In response, new and renewed intergovernmental institutions are arising and adapting, multilevel governance is expanding, and sub-national actors are playing a greater role, and create complex combinations and private-partnerships to this end.

This series focuses on the new dynamics of global governance in the 21st century by:

  • Addressing the changes in the structure, operation and impact of individual intergovernmental institutions, above all their innovative responses to the growing global challenges they confront.
  • Exploring how they affect, are affected by and relate to non-state actors of global relevance and reach.
  • Examining the processes of cooperation, competition and convergence among international institutions and the many global governance gaps where global challenges such as terrorism, transnational crime and energy do not confront powerful international institutions devoted to their control.
  • Dealing with how global institutions govern the links among key issues such as climate change and health.

In all cases, it focuses on the central questions of how global governance institutions and processes generate the effective, legitimate, accountable results required to govern today’s interconnected, complex, uncertain and crisis-ridden world.

  • Enhancing Africa’s Opportunity: The G7/8 Contribution and Challenge book cover

    Enhancing Africa’s Opportunity

    The G7/8 Contribution and Challenge

    Edited by John Kirton, Andreas Freytag

    Hardback – 2018-08-15 
    Global Governance

  • Hegemony, Passive Revolution and Globalisation: The G7/8 System book cover

    Hegemony, Passive Revolution and Globalisation

    The G7/8 System

    By Leonardo Ramos

    Presenting the emergence and evolution of the G7/8 system, against the background of the global political economy, Ramos emphasizes the processes of transnationalisation of the state and their ’passive revolution’ in a historical and structural context since the 1970s. Analysed from a critical…

    Hardback – 2018-07-28 
    Global Governance

  • BRICS and Global Governance book cover

    BRICS and Global Governance

    Edited by John Kirton, Marina Larionova

    The past few decades have witnessed the development of an increasingly globalised and multipolar world order, in which the demand for multilateralism becomes ever more pronounced. The BRICS group established in 2009, has evolved into a plurilateral summit institution recognized both by sceptics and…

    Hardback – 2018-02-22
    Global Governance

  • Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Governance book cover

    Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Governance

    Edited by John Kirton, Marina Larionova

    The global community confronts a comprehensive and interconnected array of compelling economic, development and security challenges which require effective global governance. At the centre of world governance stand the new plurilateral summit institutions; the G8 and G20, and UN summits on subjects…

    Hardback – 2017-12-04
    Global Governance

  • The Political and Economic Challenges of Energy in the Middle East and North Africa book cover

    The Political and Economic Challenges of Energy in the Middle East and North Africa

    Edited by David Ramin Jalilvand, Kirsten Westphal

    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are in disarray, and shifts in the field of energy have the potential to drastically affect the course of political and economic developments in the region. Declining oil prices, skyrocketing domestic demand, the rise of unconventional oil and natural gas…

    Hardback – 2017-11-21
    Global Governance

  • The World Health Organization: Achievements and Failures book cover

    The World Health Organization

    Achievements and Failures

    By Yves Beigbeder

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is undergoing a crisis of credibility and challenge. Having been subjected to a severe financial crisis and criticisms of its management of pandemics such as the H1N1 flu case and the outbreak of Ebola, with a new Director-General at its helm, it is an ideal time…

    Hardback – 2017-09-21
    Global Governance

  • The Impact of WTO Membership: A Comparative Analysis of China, Russia, and Ukraine book cover

    The Impact of WTO Membership

    A Comparative Analysis of China, Russia, and Ukraine

    By Anastasia S. Loginova, Irina V. Mikheeva

    What lessons can be learnt from the accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) of Russia, China, and Ukraine? Were there any peculiarities in the adaptation of their economies to the rules and norms of the organisation, and what impact did it have on the world trade system? This detailed,…

    Hardback – 2017-08-17
    Global Governance

  • Governance of Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas book cover

    Governance of Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas

    Edited by Cécile Pelaudeix, Ellen Margrethe Basse

    Global energy problems will remain a challenge in the coming decades. The impact of climate change and the melting of polar sea ice opening up access to offshore hydrocarbon resources in the Arctic Ocean, raises questions for both civil society and the scientific community over drilling…

    Hardback – 2017-06-14
    Global Governance

  • The New Economic Diplomacy: Decision-Making and Negotiation in International Economic Relations book cover

    The New Economic Diplomacy

    Decision-Making and Negotiation in International Economic Relations, 4th Edition

    Edited by Nicholas Bayne, Stephen Woolcock

    The New Economic Diplomacy explains how states conduct their external economic relations in the 21st century: how they make decisions domestically, how they negotiate internationally and how these processes interact. Although the previous edition, published in 2011, was able to reflect the impact…

    Paperback – 2016-11-02
    Global Governance

  • China’s G20 Leadership book cover

    China’s G20 Leadership

    By John J. Kirton

    Kirton offers a comprehensive, systematic examination of China’s G20 approach, diplomacy and influence since the G20’s start as a forum for finance ministers and central bankers in 1999. This comprehensive reference tool works its way through China’s elevation to the leaders’ level with summits…

    Hardback – 2016-06-09
    Global Governance

  • Local Politics, Global Impacts: Steps to a Multi-disciplinary Analysis of Scales book cover

    Local Politics, Global Impacts

    Steps to a Multi-disciplinary Analysis of Scales

    Edited by Olivier Charnoz, Virginie Diaz Pedregal

    Serving as a touchstone for a much-needed research program on social scales, this volume challenges disciplinary boundaries and brings into focus a paradoxical state of affairs in contemporary thought: the domain of local-global interactions has not yet been identified as an object of analysis in…

    Hardback – 2015-12-15
    Global Governance

  • The G8-G20 Relationship in Global Governance book cover

    The G8-G20 Relationship in Global Governance

    Edited by Marina Larionova, John J. Kirton

    If the growing demand for global governance breathed new life into the established G7/8 and the more recent G20, it raised questions about the evolving and optimal relationship between them. One answer arose from the G20’s third summit, when it proclaimed the G20 would govern global finance and…

    Hardback – 2015-08-28
    Global Governance

  • The G20: Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentation book cover

    The G20

    Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentation

    By Peter Hajnal, Peter Hajnal

    This important book is an authoritative work of reference on the G20, G8 and G20 reform, and relevant information sources. Peter Hajnal thoroughly traces the origins of the G20, surveys the G20 finance ministers' meetings since 1999 and the series of G20 summits since 2008. He examines…

    Hardback – 2014-02-28
    Global Governance