Handbook of Biosensors and Electronic Noses: Medicine, Food, and the Environment, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Handbook of Biosensors and Electronic Noses

Medicine, Food, and the Environment, 1st Edition

By Erika Kress-Rogers

CRC Press

720 pages | 20 B/W Illus.

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pub: 1996-10-24
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In developing the electronic nose and biosensor devices, researchers not only copy biochemical pathways, but also use nature's approach to signal interpretation as a blueprint for man-made sensing systems. Commercial biosensors have demonstrated their benefits and practical applications, providing high sensitivity and selectivity, combined with a significant reduction in sample preparation assay time and the use of expensive reagents. The Handbook of Biosensors and Electronic Noses discusses design and optimization for the multitude of practical uses of these devices including:


"The complexity of the discussion related to the theory of these sensors is lessened through the thorough use of figures and tables to assist in illustration of the concepts discussed. This book would be valuable to anyone considering the use of biosensors as analytical tools, or as on-line sensing devices for quality and process control. This book is suggested as a valuable reference for anyone considering the use of biosensors for the analysis of constituents within biological systems."

-Terri Boylston,Journal of Food Quality

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Handbook

Biosensors and Electronic Noses for Practical Applications, E. Kress-Rogers

Receptors, Membranes, and Devices for Biosensors

Enzymes, Cofactors, and Mediators, S.F. White and A.P.F. Turner

Bioaffinity Agents for Sensing Systems, D.J. Newman, Y. Olabiran, and C.P. Price

Probes for Nucleic Acids and Biosensors, R.W. Titball and D.J. Squirrell

Membranes to Improve Amperometric Sensor Characteristics, S.M. Reddy and P.M. Vadgama

Microelectronic Devices, A. Grisel

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) for Biosensing, C.R. Lawrence and N.J. Geddes

Immunosensors Based on Total Internal Reflection, R.P.H. Kooyman and L.M. Lechuga

Acoustic Devices, A. D'Amico, C. Di Natale, and E. Verona

Metabolism and Bioaffinity Sensors for Medicine, Food, and the Environment

Mediated Amperometric Biosensors, S.F. White and A.P.F. Turner

Commercial Devices Based on Amperometric Biosensors, F.W. Scheller and D. Pfeiffer

Microelectronic Biosensors for Clinical Applications, G. Urban

Calorimetric Biosensors, S. Kröger and B. Danielsson

Microbial and Enzyme Sensors for Environmental Monitoring, C. Wittmann, K. Riedel, and R.D. Schmid

Bioaffinity Sensors for Environmental Monitoring, C. Wittmann and R.D. Schmid

Monitoring Immunoreactions with SPR, N.J. Geddes and C.R. Lawrence

Fluorimetric Immunosensors, M. Wortberg, M. Orban, R. Renneberg, and K. Cammann

On-Line and In Vivo Monitoring and Control

Optimized Biosensors in Clinical Applications, D. Moscone and M. Mascini

Biosensors for Process Monitoring, U. Bilitewski and I. Rohm

Fuzzy Logic in the Evaluation of Sensor Data, P.G. Berrie

Towards the Electronic Nose

Mammalian Semiochemistry: Chemical Signalling between Mammals, E. Albone

Sense of Smell: Signal Recognition and Transduction in Olfactory Receptor Neurons, H. Breer

Semiconductor and Calorimetric Devices and Arrays, D. Kohl

Arrays of Broad Specificity Films for Sensing Volatile Chemicals, K.C. Persaud and P.J. Travers

Sorbent Polymer Materials for Chemical Sensors and Arrays, J.W. Grate, M.H. Abraham, and R.A. McGill

Lipid-Coated Acoustic Devices for Odour Sensing, I. Karube, S.-M. Chang, S. Sasaki, and K. Yokoyama

Pattern Analysis Techniques, J.W. Gardner and E.L. Hines


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