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    by AOCS Publishing

    Healthful Lipids addresses critical and current regulatory issues and emerging technologies, as well as the efforts made toward the production of healthier lipids. This book examines the latest technological advancements and the emerging technologies in processing and analysis, health-related concerns, and strategies used in the production and application of healthful lipids. It also includes an in-depth patent review on enzyme modified and trans-free fats and oils. This book is a valuable reference not only to graduate students and individuals interested in food research, product development, food processing, nutrition, dietetics, quality assurance, genetic engineering of oil crops, oil processing, fat substitutes, and lipid biotechnology, but also to food industry professionals seeking background and advanced knowledge in lipids.


    Part 1: Current Regulatory Issues

    Trans Fatty Acids in Foods and Their Labeling Regulations

    Nimal W.M. Ratnayake and C. Zehaluk

    Safety, Regulatory Aspects, and Public Acceptance of Genetically Modified Lipids

    Ravigadevi Sambanthamurthi, Sharifah Shahrul, and G.K. Ahmad Parveez

    Part 2: Processing and Emerging Analytical Technologies

    Production, Processing, and Refining of Oils

    Ernesto Hernandez

    Novel Hydrogenation for Low Trans Fatty Acids in Vegetable Oils

    Mun Yhung Jung and David B. Min

    Analysis of Lipids by New Hyphenated Techniques

    Huiling Mu

    Supercritical Fluid Processing of Nutritionally Functional Lipids

    Jerry W. King

    Short-Path Distillation for Lipid Processing

    Xuebing Xu

    Fat Crystallization Technology

    Serpil Metin and Richard Hartel

    Part 3: Nutrition and Biochemistry

    Dietary Fatty Acids and Their Influence on Blood Lipids and Lipoproteins

    Tilakavati Karupaiah, Mohd Ismail Noor, and Kalyana Sundram

    Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism to Self-Healing Agents

    William E.M. Lands

    Dietary n-6:n-3 Fatty Acid Ratio and Health

    Sarah Gebauer, William S. Harris, Penny M. Kris-Etherton, and Terry D. Etherton

    CLA Sources and Human Studies

    Marianne O’Shea, Margriet Van Der Zee, and Inge Mohede

    Lipids with Antioxidant Properties

    Jan Pokorn´y and Jana Parkányiová

    γ-Linolenic Acids: The Health Effects

    Rakesh Kapoor

    Phytosterols and Phytosterol Esters

    Robert A. Moreau

    The Effects of Eicosapentaenoic Acid in Various Clinical Conditions

    Andrew Sinclair, Julie Wallace, Marion Martin, Nadia Attar-Bashi, Richard Weisinger, and Duo Li

    Part 4: Enzyme and Lipid Biotechnology

    Lipase Reactions Applicable to Purification of Oil and Fat-Related Materials

    Yuji Shimada

    Enzymatic Synthesis of Symmetrical Triacylglycerols Containing Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

    Tsuneo Yamane

    Patent Review on Lipid Technology

    Oi-Ming Lai, Seong-Koon Lo, and Casimir C. Akoh

    Genetic Enhancement and Modification of Oil-Bearing Crops

    G.K. Ahmad Parveez and Ravigadevi Sambanthamurthi

    Genetically Engineered Oils

    David Hildebrand and Lewamy Mamadou

    Part 5: Oxidation

    Emulsion Technologies to Produce Oxidative Stable Emulsions Containing n-3 Fatty Acids

    Min Hu, Eric A. Decker, and D. Julian McClements

    Chemistry for Oxidative Stability of Edible Oils

    Eunok Choe, Jiyeun Lee, and David Min

    Part 6: Applications of Healthful Lipids

    Structured and Specialty Lipids

    Casimir C. Akoh

    Lipids in Infant Formulas and Human Milk Fat Substitutes

    Nikolaus Weber and Kumar D. Mukherjee

    Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Butter Equivalents, and Cocoa Butter Replacers

    Kazuhisa Yamada, Masahisa Ibuki, and Thomas McBrayer

    Margarine and Baking Fats

    Vijai K.S. Shukla

    Nutritional Characteristics of Diacylglycerol Oil and Its Health Benefits

    Noboru Matsuo

    Plant Stanol Ester as a Cholesterol-Lowering Ingredientof Benecol® Foods

    Pia Salo, Anu Hopia, Jari Ekblom, Ritva Lahtinen, and Päivi Laakso

    Palm Oil, Its Fractions, and Components

    Oi-Ming Lai


    Akoh\, Casimir C.; Lai\, Oi-Ming