1st Edition

Hispanic Market Power America’s Business Growth Engine

By Isaac Mizrahi Copyright 2023
    250 Pages 3 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    250 Pages 3 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The U.S. Hispanic segment represents the most prominent demographic growth in the country, and a huge and untapped business opportunity for companies willing to move away from preconceived notions and market effectively to Hispanic customers. This book shows you how.

    Now more than ever, corporations operating in the US should see the Hispanic population at the core of their existing and future strategies, but many leaders believe Hispanic marketing is the same marketing you run for Anglos but translated into Spanish, or that all Hispanics are undocumented immigrants with no purchasing power, or that using Mariachis in their communications is the way to connect with this diverse segment. It’s time for a modern approach, and in this book, Isaac Mizrahi, one of the country’s leading voices in multicultural marketing, uses his unique experience as a corporate executive, agency CEO, and industry leader to help businesses grow by leveraging the booming Hispanic consumer segment to drive sales.

    Filled with straightforward talk, illustrative case studies, and pragmatic suggestions and recommendations, this book counterbalances academic books on the topic with little connection to day-to-day reality and other books with a more political standpoint. This is a business book created by a marketer for other marketers and business leaders looking to succeed in the U.S.

    Part I - Fundamentals of The Hispanic Market.  1 - Is Your Brand Ready For the 2030 Census?  2 - When It Comes to Multicultural Marketing, Doing Nothing Has a Cost. 3 - The End of Total Market - It’s Time To Try A New Approach.  4 - Why Are Some Marketers Still Lost In Translation? 5 - Every Brand Is Already Involved In Hispanic Marketing. 6 - The Path For Growth Is Towards The Multicultural Youth.  7 - The Six Learnings Every CEO Needs to Understand. Part II - Myths & Barriers. 8 - Seven Myths About Hispanic Marketing.  9 - Is Marketing In Spanish Still Relevant to Hispanics? 10 - Don’t Suffer Multicultural Myopia.  11 - Diversity Equity And Inclusion And Multicultural Marketing Are Not The Same. 12 - Seven Reasons Why Your Multicultural Marketing Plans Didn’t Work. 13 - If You Want Your Hispanic Marketing To Fly High, Upgrade To Business Class. Part III - The Minority-Majority Shift - The Impact on Business. 14 - Two Decades That Will Change America.  15 - The Surge Of Multiracial Families. 16 - The Tech World Faces A Reboot.  17 - It’ Time For a New Script in Hollywood.  18 - For Sports Marketing It’s Game On. 19 - Multicultural Segments Top The Music Charts. 20 - For the Health And Wellness Industry, It’s Time For A Check-UP.  21 - Multicultural Consumers Faced Distinct Challenges During Covid-19 Crisis.  22 - The Future Tastes Like Change. 23 - Diverse Consumers Are Changing The Grocery Retail Business. 24 - The Large Role of Multicultural Small Businesses. 25 - For the Ad Business, A Much-Needed Relaunch. Part IV - The Right Approach To Your Hispanic Opportunity. 26 - Hispanic Marketing In Nine Steps. 27 - The Advertising Implementation Dilemma. 28 - The Hispanic Market "Long Tail".  29 - Multicultural Marketing Investments Deserve A New Resource Allocation Methodology. 30 - How to Find The Right Creative Approach. 31 - The Multicultural Communications Challenge. 32 - Multicultural Consumers and Millennials Are Ready To Fuel The Next Cycle of Brand Growth. 33 - Storytelling Is a Different Story for Each Culture. 34 - Multicultural Market Experts Recommend: Unlearn Your Biases. 35 - The Right Approach For Your Multicultural Agency Pitch. 36 - Six Ways CMOs Can Bring Equality To Their Multicultural Agencies. 37 - When It Comes to Multicultural Marketing, Effectiveness Eats Efficiency For Breakfast. 38 - Where Do Multicultural Marketers Come From? 39 - Time to Add Hispanic Marketing To Your Shopping Cart. 40 - For Some Brands, It’s Time for A Multicultural Comeback. Part V - Additional Considerations. 41 - Multicultural Marketing Investments Expected to Grow.  42 - Minority Owned Media Gets a Boost With Nielsen’s New Study. 43 - Minority Owned Companies - Important Observations for Marketers. 44 - It’s Time To Rethink The Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration. 45 - Multicultural Marketing And Employee Resources Groups - An Alliance That Can Drive Growth . 46 - Multicultural Marketing Hard At Work Can Enhance Minority Employment Recruitment.  47 - Effective Multicultural Business Should Start At the Board Level.  48 - Is Marketing to Latin Americans and U.S. Hispanics The Same?  49 - McKinsey Report Brings Focus To The Business Opportunity of the Hispanic Segment



    Isaac Mizrahi is a world-class, award-winning CEO with unique experience ranging from working at the corporate side and as an ad agency leader and consultant for the most significant and more relevant brands in the U.S. Born in Latin America, thought leader and industry champion, speaker at conferences and the press, and considered one of the country’s most relevant voices for multicultural marketing and DE&I.

    "I’ve proudly lived side by side with Isaac through every word, every page, every article of this invaluable book, as I’ve witnessed his journey to become one of the premiere Hispanic Marketing experts in the nation. His "growth engine" can now be yours and I can assure you it will be empowering!"
    Luis Miguel Messianu, Founder & Chairman, alma advertising. McDonald’s Global Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide