1st Edition

Instrumental Methods for Quality Assurance in Foods

By Fung Copyright 1991

    Updated versions of papers delivered to a 1988 meeting of food technologists in Dallas, plus a few added chapters, survey the instruments and methodologies available for the instrumental analysis of chemical, physical, and microbiological aspects of food, especially in quality assurance and control

    Preface, 1. Rapid Methods and Automation for Food Microbiology, 2. Ion Chromatography for the Food Industry, 3. Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry in Quality Control and Research, 4. pH and Ion-Selective Electrodes, 5. Modern Methods of Analyzing Mycotoxins in Foods, 6. Metal Detection Systems, 7. Machine Vision for Quality Control in the Food Industry, 8. Color Measurement and Interpretation, 9. Viscosity Measurements of Foods, 10. An Introduction to Laboratory Robotics, 11. Computer-Aided Quality Control and Research in Thermal Processing of Canned Foods, 12. Pattern Recognition Techniques for Food Research and Quality Assurance, Index, About the Authors and Editors


    Daniel Y.C. Fung, Richard E. Matthews