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Israeli History, Politics and Society

About the Series

This series provides a multidisciplinary examination of all aspects of Israeli history, politics and society and serves as a means of communication between the various communities interested in Israel: academics, policy-makers, practitioners, journalists and the informed public.

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UNSCOP and the Arab-Israeli Conflict The Road to Partition

UNSCOP and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Road to Partition

1st Edition


By Elad Ben-Dror
November 22, 2022

This book provides the first comprehensive account of the work of the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP), constituted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1947 to study the situation in Palestine at the end of the British Mandate and make recommendations about its political...

Israel at the Polls 1999 Israel: the First Hundred Years, Volume III

Israel at the Polls 1999: Israel: the First Hundred Years, Volume III

1st Edition

Edited By Daniel J. Elazar, M. Ben Mollov
September 01, 2001

The 1999 Israeli elections focused on the character of the main political contenders for prime minister - Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. Along with Barak's victory, the Israeli public made important statements concerning the shape and direction of Israeli political culture with a hope of a ...

Netanyahu and Likud’s Leaders The Israeli Princes

Netanyahu and Likud’s Leaders: The Israeli Princes

1st Edition

By Gil Samsonov
February 25, 2020

This research discusses the second-generation Likud leaders, known as the Princes, who have dominated Israeli politics for most of the last three decades: their relations with their parents and the extent to which they have followed in (or diverged from) their footsteps. The main theme seeks to ...

The US, Israel, and Egypt Diplomacy in the Shadow of Attrition, 1969-70

The US, Israel, and Egypt: Diplomacy in the Shadow of Attrition, 1969-70

1st Edition

By Yehuda U. Blanga
November 27, 2019

This book deals with the diplomatic triangle of Israel, the United States, and Egypt during the War of Attrition along the Suez Canal in 1969–1970. Considering the Egyptian president’s political positions and outlooks on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the pan-Arab sphere, relations with the United ...

The British Army in Palestine and the 1948 War Containment, Withdrawal and Evacuation

The British Army in Palestine and the 1948 War: Containment, Withdrawal and Evacuation

1st Edition

By Alon Kadish
November 11, 2019

Following the end of the Second World War, the main mission of the British Army in Palestine was to contain Jewish attacks and illegal immigration while the fate of the Mandate was being decided. This book is a record of the British Army during the final year of the Mandate and its impact on the ...

Muslim/Arab Mediation and Conflict Resolution Understanding Sulha

Muslim/Arab Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Understanding Sulha

1st Edition

By Doron Pely
September 27, 2018

Inter- and intra-clan conflicts in Northern Israel pit hundreds against each other in revenge cycles that take years to resolve and impact the entire community. The Sulha is a Shari’a-based traditional conflict resolution process that works independently of formal legal systems and is widely ...

Israeli Democracy at the Crossroads

Israeli Democracy at the Crossroads

1st Edition

Edited By Raphael Cohen-Almagor
August 23, 2018

In recent years, the discussion about Israel was dominated by post-Zionist, post-Israeli opinions. Important voices that represent large sectors of Israeli society were not heard. To somewhat change this situation, some of the best scholars in their respective fields participate in this ...

Social Mobilization in the Arab/Israeli War of 1948 On the Israeli Home Front

Social Mobilization in the Arab/Israeli War of 1948: On the Israeli Home Front

1st Edition

By Moshe Naor
December 08, 2017

In many ways, the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 is typical of the total military conflicts that characterized the first half of the twentieth century. However, in addition to the military course of the war, and its formative and revolutionary ramifications, this war was also notable for the social ...

Hamas and Ideology Sheikh Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī on the Jews, Zionism and Israel

Hamas and Ideology: Sheikh Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī on the Jews, Zionism and Israel

1st Edition

By Shaul Bartal, Nesya Rubinstein-Shemer
December 06, 2017

Sheikh Yusūf al- Qaraḍāwī is regarded as the most influential contemporary Muslim religious figure. His best-selling book, Al-Ḥalal wal-Ḥaram fi al-Islam ("The Forbidden and the Permitted in Islam") is perhaps one of the most widely read Islamic works, after the Qur’ān. The subject of jihad in ...

The Arab–Israeli Conflict, 1956–1975 From Violent Conflict to a Peace Process

The Arab–Israeli Conflict, 1956–1975: From Violent Conflict to a Peace Process

1st Edition

By Moshe Gat
November 01, 2017

The Arab–Israeli Conflict, 1956–1975 contains a collection of articles that examine select issues between the end of the Suez Campaign in November 1956 and the Sinai II, or Interim Agreement, signed by Israel and Egypt in September 1975. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the struggle ...

The Jewish Origins of Israeli Foreign Policy A Study in Tradition and Survival

The Jewish Origins of Israeli Foreign Policy: A Study in Tradition and Survival

1st Edition

By Shmuel Sandler
September 21, 2017

The conventional understanding of Israeli foreign policy has been that it is a relatively new phenomenon, with some claiming that the ‘Jewish People’ is an invention by mid-19th century Jewish historians, or simply an ‘imagined community’. This book disputes these claims by demonstrating that the...

Israel, the Arabs and Iran International Relations and Status Quo, 2011-2016

Israel, the Arabs and Iran: International Relations and Status Quo, 2011-2016

1st Edition

By Ehud Eilam
August 16, 2017

Israel borders four states – Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, and two entities – the Palestinian authority in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza stip. In recent years, despite incidents on the border with Syria and Egypt, the basic strategic status quo with these countries has not changed, and ...

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