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Leadership: Research and Practice

About the Series

The Leadership: Research and Practice Series includes both edited and authored volumes showcasing the latest leadership and behavioral research, as well as practical books based on the latest leadership theory with applications to Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Management, Organizational Behavior, Law, Political Science, and Military Psychology.

Ron Riggio is the Series Editor and Georgia Sorenson was a Founding Editor of the series.

Please send all book proposals to Ron Riggio ([email protected])

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What’s Wrong With Leadership? Improving Leadership Research and Practice

What’s Wrong With Leadership?: Improving Leadership Research and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Ronald E. Riggio
September 17, 2018

Leadership practitioners and those who seek to develop leadership are concerned with whether they are using evidence-based best practices to develop leadership capacity in themselves and others. Are we indeed using best practices in the study, practice, and development of leadership? This book ...

Women's Leadership Journeys Stories, Research, and Novel Perspectives

Women's Leadership Journeys: Stories, Research, and Novel Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Sherylle J. Tan, Lisa DeFrank-Cole
July 19, 2018

This volume brings together research from leading scholars with stories from women leaders in diverse sectors to provide insights from their leadership journeys. The book begins with personal stories of women’s leadership journeys by chief executive officers, a former U.S. ambassador, a college ...

Exploring Distance in Leader-Follower Relationships When Near is Far and Far is Near

Exploring Distance in Leader-Follower Relationships: When Near is Far and Far is Near

1st Edition

Edited By Michelle C. Bligh, Ronald E. Riggio
May 24, 2017

Leaders face new challenges as they cope with changes in culture, technology and the workplace. In this edited volume, based on a conference at Claremont, scholars of leadership studies from three continents discuss the latest psychological research on interpersonal leader–follower relations. The ...

College Student Leadership Development

College Student Leadership Development

1st Edition

By Valerie I. Sessa
March 23, 2017

College Student Leadership Development introduces the idea that we all play a part in producing leadership and that learning how to participate in the process of leadership is something that all college students need to learn as part of their college academic experience. Rather than approaching ...

Teaching Leadership An Integrative Approach

Teaching Leadership: An Integrative Approach

1st Edition

By Barbara C. Crosby
July 21, 2016

Teaching Leadership provides guidance for leadership educators in a variety of organizational and community contexts and across academic disciplines. An experienced leadership educator, Crosby promotes an inclusive vision of leadership that recognizes the inherent leadership potential in everyone. ...

The Global Hillary Women's Political Leadership in Cultural Contexts

The Global Hillary: Women's Political Leadership in Cultural Contexts

1st Edition

Edited By Dinesh Sharma
May 24, 2016

Is there a linkage between "smart power" and Hillary Clinton's leadership style? Can she advance American leadership and women's development worldwide? The Global Hillary addresses these questions and many others. Bringing together two key aspects of Clinton’s ongoing career—her advocacy for ...

Applied Leadership Development Nine Elements of Leadership Mastery

Applied Leadership Development: Nine Elements of Leadership Mastery

1st Edition

By Al Bolea, Al Bolea, Leanne Atwater
August 27, 2015

Intended for courses on leadership, practicing managers, consultants, and practitioners, this approachable guide teaches readers about how to become a leader. By blending the real-world insights of business executive Al Bolea with tested research findings provided by leadership scholar Leanne ...

The Future of Leadership Leveraging Influence in an Age of Hyper-Change

The Future of Leadership: Leveraging Influence in an Age of Hyper-Change

1st Edition

By Michael A Genovese
July 27, 2015

The Future of Leadership considers how the rapid changes of today will affect the leaders of tomorrow. Renowned Leadership scholar Michael A. Genovese argues that one of the key challenges for future leaders will be to effectively and constructively manage the ‘hyper-change’ taking place both ...

Presidential Leadership and African Americans

Presidential Leadership and African Americans: "An American Dilemma" from Slavery to the White House

1st Edition

By George R. Goethals
April 01, 2015

Presidential Leadership and African Americans examines the leadership styles of eight American presidents and shows how the decisions made by each affected the lives and opportunities of the nation’s black citizens. Beginning with George Washington and concluding with the landmark election of ...

Leadership and Coherence A Cognitive Approach

Leadership and Coherence: A Cognitive Approach

1st Edition

By Nathan W. Harter
July 22, 2014

Leadership and Coherence investigates how leaders justify their decisions, and how they bring about coherence amongst followers. Taking a cognitive approach, it builds on the work of Hannah Arendt to attempt a phenomenology of judgment, examining how the moral imperative experienced by leaders can ...

Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today On Becoming a Polymath Leader

Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today: On Becoming a Polymath Leader

1st Edition

By Michael A. Genovese
December 11, 2013

This book focuses on leadership -- what it is, how it works, and how complex, multi-layered and multi-dimensional it is -- and how it will change in the years ahead. If we are to build tomorrow’s leaders today, we need to anticipate what skills, temperaments, and specific competencies will be ...

The Global Obama Crossroads of Leadership in the 21st Century

The Global Obama: Crossroads of Leadership in the 21st Century

1st Edition

Edited By Dinesh Sharma, Uwe P. Gielen
December 03, 2013

The Global Obama examines the president’s image in five continents and more than twenty countries. It is the first book to look at Barack Obama’s presidency and analyze how Obama and America are viewed by publics, governments, and political commentators around world. The author of Barack Obama in ...

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