1st Edition

Milk and Dairy Product Technology

By Edgar Spreer Copyright 1998

    Addressing both theoretical and practical issues in dairy technology, this work offers coverage of the basic knowledge and scientific advances in the production of milk and milk-based products. It examines energy supply and electricity refrigeration, water and waste-water treatment, cleaning and disinfection, hygiene, and occupational safety in dairies.

    Milk as a raw material and food; milk reception; milk processing; milk, milk beverages and cream products; butter manufacture; cheese manufacture; acidified milk products; long-life milf products; whey and whey utilization; cleaning and disinfection in a dairy; water supply and waste-water treatment in a dairy; refrigeration in a dairy; energy supply in a dairy; electricity in a dairy; hygiene and occupational safety.


    Spreer, Edgar

    "This book helps the reader to understand and control the complex production processes in a diary from the theoretical point of view, while providing a useful reference for those who are practically minded. "
    ---Food Trade Review