1st Edition

Oil Extraction and Analysis Critical Issues and Competitive Studies

By D. L. Luthria Copyright 2004
    288 Pages
    by AOCS Publishing

    This book contains papers from the symposium "Critical Issues, Current and Emerging Technologies for Determination of Crude Fat Content in Food, Feed and Seeds," held in 2003 at the AOCS Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri. The topics covered give a broad perspective of the challenges and issues of the value-added enhanced products. This book will be of interest to biotechnology professionals, processors, scientists, nutritionists, economists, new product development and business professionals, official agencies, and others actively engaged in the development and marketing of value-added products.


    Section I Introduction

    Technology is one aspect of today that is truly fresh and burning with

    new tunes and story turns. So there is and can be content in technology—

    new tunes we’ve never heard before because they’ve never been possible

    before. (Francis Ford Coppola)

    The Commercial Significance of Oil Content Analysis: The Position of Official Methods

    Richard C. Cantrill

    Section II Primary Reference Methods for Crude Fat Determination

    Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they

    dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those

    languages, or we remain mute. (J.G. Ballard)

    Soxtec: Its Principles and Applications

    Shirley Anderson

    Accelerated Solvent Extraction

    Devanand Luthria, Dutt Vinjamoori, Kirk Noel, and John Ezzell

    Evaluation of the Rapid, High-Temperature Extraction of Feeds, Foods, and Oilseeds by the ANKOMXT20 Fat Analyzer to Determine Crude Fat Content

    L.R. Rudnick

    Analytical Supercritical Fluid Extraction for Food Applications

    Tracy Doane-Weideman and Phillip B. Liescheskii

    Section III Comparative Evaluation of Primary Reference Methods and Issues Related to Oil Analysis

    The higher we soar on the wings of science, the worse our feet seem to get

    entangled in the wires. (Anonymous)

    Oil Content Analysis: Myths and Reality

    V.J. Barthet and J.K. Daun

    Effect of Moisture Content, Grinding, and Extraction Technologies on Assays of Crude Fat

    Devanand L. Luthria, Kirk Noel, and Dutt Vinjamoori

    Section IV Secondary Methods for Crude Fat Analysis

    Science may be described as the art of systematic oversimplification.

    (Karl Popper)

    The Rapid Determination of Fat and Moisture in Foods by Microwave Drying and NMR Analysis

    Bobbie McManus and Michelle Horn

    Simple Methods for Total Oil Content by Benchtop NMR

    P.H. Krygsman, A.E. Barrett, W. Burk, and H.W. Todt

    Internet-Enabled Near-Infrared Analysis of Oilseeds

    Ching-Hui Tseng, Kangming Ma, and Nan Wang

    Section V Emerging Technologies

    Invention breeds inventions. (Anonymous)

    High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Near Infrared Determination of Soybean Oil, Protein, and Amino Acid Residues in Soybean Seeds

    I.C. Baianu, T. You, D.M. Costescu, P.R. Lozano, V. Prisecaru, and R.L. Nelson

    Near Infrared Microspectroscopy, Fluorescence Microspectroscopy, Infrared Chemical Imaging and

    High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis of Soybean Seeds, Somatic Embryos and Single Cells

    I.C. Baianu, D. Costescu, T. You, P.R. Loz


    Luthria\, D. L.