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Politics, Media and Political Communication

About the Series

This book series addresses the intersection of politics, the media and political communication, exploring how they impact each other globally. To submit a proposal for this series, please contact the senior editor, Emily Ross: [email protected]

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Political Communication and COVID-19 Governance and Rhetoric in Times of Crisis

Political Communication and COVID-19: Governance and Rhetoric in Times of Crisis

1st Edition

Edited By Darren Lilleker, Ioana A. Coman, Miloš Gregor, Edoardo Novelli
March 19, 2021

This edited collection compares and analyses the most prominent political communicative responses to the outbreak and global spread of the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus within 27 nations across five continents and two supranational organisations: the EU and the WHO. The book encompasses the ...

Democracy and Fake News Information Manipulation and Post-Truth Politics

Democracy and Fake News: Information Manipulation and Post-Truth Politics

1st Edition

Edited By Serena Giusti, Elisa Piras
December 30, 2020

This book explores the challenges that disinformation, fake news, and post-truth politics pose to democracy from a multidisciplinary perspective. The authors analyse and interpret how the use of technology and social media as well as the emergence of new political narratives has been progressively ...

Communication in Global Jihad

Communication in Global Jihad

1st Edition

By Jonathan Matusitz
November 26, 2020

This book conceptually examines the role of communication in global jihad from multiple perspectives. The main premise is that communication is so vital to the global jihadist movement today that jihadists will use any communicative tool, tactic, or approach to impact or transform people and the ...

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