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    by CRC Press

    When the first edition of Poultry Meat Processing was published, it provided a complete presentation of the theoretical and practical aspects of poultry meat processing, exploring the complex mix of biology, chemistry, engineering, marketing, and economics involved. Upholding its reputation as the most comprehensive text available, Poultry Meat Processing, Second Edition is thoroughly expanded and updated.

    Understand the Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Processing Poultry From Farm to Fork

    Now containing even more illustrations, this completely revised second edition features:

    • Three new chapters - Nutritive Value of Poultry Meat, Coproducts and By-products from Poultry Processing, and Poultry Processing Under Animal Welfare and Organic Standards in the U.S.
    • New techniques for assessing poultry meat tenderness, equivalency scales for sensory and instrumental tenderness measurements, and calculations for marination
    • Significant updates on primary, secondary, and further processing to reflect changes in the processing industry

    This extremely informative textbook covers the gamut of poultry processing, including live bird production, muscle protein functionality, processing plant operations (primary, secondary, and further processing), quality and safety of poultry products, inspection systems, and wastewater management. It provides the steps and conditions used in poultry processing and discusses why they are necessary. In addition to its academic use, this valuable work serves as an essential reference for researchers, industry personnel, and extension specialists and agents seeking to expand their knowledge.

    Introduction to poultry meat processing
    Alan R. Sams and Christine Z. Alvarado

    Preslaughter factors affecting poultry meat quality
    Julie K. Northcutt and R. Jeff Buhr

    First processing: Slaughter through chilling
    Alan R. Sams and Shelly R. McKee

    Second processing: Parts, deboning, and portion control
    Alan R. Sams and Casey M. Owens

    Poultry meat inspection and grading
    Sacit F. Bilgili

    Paul L. Dawson

    Meat quality: Sensory and instrumental evaluations
    Brenda G. Lyon, Clyde E. Lyon, Jean-François Meullenet, and Young S. Lee

    Microbiological pathogens: Live poultry considerations
    Billy M. Hargis, David J. Caldwell, and J. Allen Byrd

    Poultry-borne pathogens: Plant considerations
    Michael A. Davis, Manpreet Singh, and Donald E. Conner

    Spoilage bacteria associated with poultry
    Scott M. Russell

    Functional properties of muscle proteins in processed poultry products
    Denise M. Smith

    Formed and emulsion products
    Jimmy T. Keeton and Wesley N. Osburn

    Coated poultry products
    Casey M. Owens

    Mechanical separation of poultry meat and its use in products
    Glenn W. Froning and Shelly R. McKee

    Marination, cooking, and curing of poultry products
    Douglas P. Smith and James C. Acton

    Quality assurance and process control
    Douglas P. Smith

    Nutritive value of poultry meat
    Leslie D. Thompson

    Processing water and wastewater
    William C. Merka

    Coproducts and by-products from poultry processing
    Rubén O. Morawicki

    Poultry processing under animal welfare and organic standards in the United States
    Anne Fanatico

    A brief introduction to some of the practical aspects of the kosher and halal laws for the poultry industry
    Joe M. Regenstein and Muhammad Munir Chaudry


    Casey M. Owens, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA

    Christine Alvarado, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA

    Alan R. Sams, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA

    Praise for the First Edition

    "It is exciting to see this current volume edited by Alan Sams because it clearly fills the need for a modern and comprehensive work. It is authored by qualified scientists in their respective areas of expertise. …This book is both current and readily applicable as a college text and is well referenced such that it is an excellent resource book for advanced study and as a reference manual for the poultry industry."
    —Daniel L. Fletcher, Professor, University of Georgia, in Poultry Science

    "This book is a contribution that will be well accepted by the meat and poultry industry. It will surely supply valuable information for use… as a reference and textbook. Those that contributed to this publication are… authorities whose information is authentic and highly regarded."
    Journal of Muscle Foods