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Regions and Cities

About the Series

In today’s globalised, knowledge-driven and networked world, regions and cities have assumed heightened significance as the interconnected nodes of economic, social and cultural production, and as sites of new modes of economic governance and policy experimentation. This book series brings together incisive and critically engaged international and interdisciplinary research on this resurgence of regions and cities, and should be of interest to geographers, economists, sociologists, political scientists and cultural scholars, as well as to policy-makers involved in regional and urban development.

If you would like to discuss a potential new book for the series, please contact:

Joan Fitzgerald – [email protected] – Series Editor-in-Chief, or

Kristina Abbotts – [email protected] – Routledge Commissioning Editor

The Regions and Cities book series welcomes Open Access projects. Please contact Kristina Abbotts or visit for more details.

About the Regional Studies Association (RSA)

The Regions and Cities Book Series is a series of the Regional Studies Association (RSA). The RSA is a global and interdisciplinary network for regional and urban research, policy and development. The RSA is a registered not-for-profit organisation, a learned society and membership body that aims to advance regional studies and science. The RSA’s publishing portfolio includes five academic journals, two book series, a Blog and an online magazine. For more information on the Regional Studies Association, visit


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The Political Economy of Capital Cities

The Political Economy of Capital Cities

1st Edition

By Heike Mayer, Fritz Sager, David Kaufmann, Martin Warland
September 22, 2017

Capital cities that are not the dominant economic centers of their nations – so-called ‘secondary capital cities’ (SCCs) – tend to be overlooked in the fields of economic geography and political science. Yet, capital cities play an important role in shaping the political, economic, social and ...

Data and the City

Data and the City

1st Edition

Edited By Rob Kitchin, Tracey P. Lauriault, Gavin McArdle
August 21, 2017

There is a long history of governments, businesses, science and citizens producing and utilizing data in order to monitor, regulate, profit from and make sense of the urban world. Recently, we have entered the age of big data, and now many aspects of everyday urban life are being captured as data ...

Entrepreneurship in a Regional Context

Entrepreneurship in a Regional Context

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Fritsch, David J. Storey
June 07, 2017

Enterprise and entrepreneurship is of strong interest to policy-makers because new and small firms can be a key contributor to job and wealth creation. However this contribution varies spatially, with some areas in a country having new firm formation rates that are up to three or four times higher ...

The Scottish Economy A Living Book

The Scottish Economy: A Living Book

1st Edition

Edited By Kenneth Gibb, Duncan Maclennan, Des McNulty, Michael Comerford
July 06, 2017

The Scottish economy is at the heart of contemporary constitutional and public policy debates. This substantial new edited collection, the first comprehensive and authoritative analysis for more than 60 years, is a timely update on the classic volume of the same name edited by Sir Alec Cairncross ...

The Unequal City Urban Resurgence, Displacement and the Making of Inequality in Global Cities

The Unequal City: Urban Resurgence, Displacement and the Making of Inequality in Global Cities

1st Edition

By John Rennie Short
July 06, 2017

Cities around the world have seen: an increase in population and capital investments in land and building; a shift in central city populations as the poor are forced out; and a radical restructuring of urban space. The Unequal City tells the story of urban change and acts as a comprehensive guide ...

Urban Transformations Geographies of Renewal and Creative Change

Urban Transformations: Geographies of Renewal and Creative Change

1st Edition

Edited By Nicholas Wise, Julie Clark
June 07, 2017

Economic restructuring and demographic change have in recent years placed much strain on urban areas with the effects falling disproportionately on neighbourhoods that were previously underpinned by industry and manufacturing. This has presented policy makers and city planners with a binary choice:...

Regional Worlds: Advancing the Geography of Regions

Regional Worlds: Advancing the Geography of Regions

1st Edition

Edited By Martin Jones, Anssi Paasi
May 24, 2017

A key concern in the debate and empirical research on the geography of regions is the evolution of the conceptualizations and practical uses of the idea of ‘region’. This idea prioritises both the intellectual and the practical development of regional studies. This book drives the discussion ...

Reanimating Regions Culture, Politics, and Performance

Reanimating Regions: Culture, Politics, and Performance

1st Edition

Edited By James Riding, Martin Jones
May 12, 2017

Writing regions, undertaking a regional study, was once a standard form of geographic communication and critique. This was until the quantitative revolution in the middle of the previous century and more definitively the critical turn in human geography towards the end of the twentieth century. ...

The UK Regional–National Economic Problem Geography, globalisation and governance

The UK Regional–National Economic Problem: Geography, globalisation and governance

1st Edition

By Philip McCann
April 27, 2017

In recent years, the United Kingdom has become a more and more divided society with inequality between the regions as marked as it has ever been. In a landmark analysis of the current state of Britain’s regional development, Philip McCann utilises current statistics, examines historical trends and ...

Regional Development Strategies A European Perspective

Regional Development Strategies: A European Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Jeremy Alden, Philip Boland
September 13, 2002

Regional development strategies have become the focus of attention in many countries in the 1990s. This textbook provides a conceptual, theoretical and empirical analysis of regional development strategies within a European context It examines the various regional development strategies which are ...

Territorial Policy and Governance Alternative Paths

Territorial Policy and Governance: Alternative Paths

1st Edition

Edited By Iain Deas, Stephen Hincks
March 03, 2017

In response to both policy and conceptual debates, alternative narratives have begun to emerge about territorial governance and policymaking. As local and regional policy actors strive to respond to the geographically uneven effects of the economic crises of the early twenty-first century, a ...

An Enlarged Europe Regions in Competition?

An Enlarged Europe: Regions in Competition?

1st Edition

Edited By Louis Albrechts, Sally Hardy, Mark Hart, Anastasios Katos
September 13, 2002

The political and economic geography of Europe is changing - the European Community is expanding its boundaries towards EFTA and is resuming a closer association with Central and Eastern European regions engaged in radical restructuring. As EC integration accelerates there is the prospect of ...

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