5th Edition

Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook Clay and Concrete Masonry, Fifth Edition

By James E. Amrhein Copyright 1998
    496 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook provides the coefficients, tables, charts, and design data required for the design of reinforced masonry structures. This edition improves and expands upon previous editions, complying with the current Uniform Building Code and paralleling the growth of reinforced masonry engineering.
    Discussions include:

  • materials
  • strength of masonry assemblies
  • loads
  • lateral forces
  • reinforcing steel
  • movement joints
  • waterproofing masonry structures and products
  • formulas for reinforced masonry design
  • retaining walls
  • and more
    This comprehensive, useful book serves as an exceptional resource for designers, contractors, builders, and civil engineers involved in reinforced masonry - eliminating repetitious and routine calculations as well as reducing the time for masonry design.
  • Introduction
    Strength of Masonry Assemblies
    Distribution and Analysis for Lateral Forces
    Design of Structural Members - Working Stress Design
    Design of Structural Members - Strength Design
    Details of Reinforcing Steel
    Building Details
    Special Topics
    Formulas for Reinforced Masonry Design
    Design of One-Story Industrial Building
    Design of Seven-Story Masonry Load Bearing Apartment Building
    Retaining Walls
    Explanation of Tables and Diagrams
    Working Stress Design Tables and Diagrams
    Strength Design Tables and Diagrams
    ACI/ASCE/TMS Tables
    Supplemental References


    James E. Amrhein