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Routledge Studies in International Business and the World Economy

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As ever-increasing proportion of the world's business takes place across national borders, the need to understand the motive forces behind international business becomes greater. Transnationals are now, in many cases, as important as national governments in shaping trade flows and economic trends. As this series demonstrates, international business is not just the preserve of the largest companies, but impacts on all aspects of business and economic activity. This series is essential reading for policy makers as well as researchers in international business and applied international economics.

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Big Business and Brazil’s Economic Reforms

Big Business and Brazil’s Economic Reforms

1st Edition

By Luiz Kormann
June 08, 2018

In the 1990s Brazil launched a comprehensive economic liberalization program. It lifted its trade barriers, adopted new market-oriented regulations, opened up its capital market and abandoned earlier efforts to internalize production and to build vertically integrated systems across several sectors...

Global Mindsets Exploration and Perspectives

Global Mindsets: Exploration and Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By John Kuada
June 08, 2018

Global Mindsets seeks to tackle a topic that is relatively new in research and practice, and is considered by many to be critical for firms seeking to conduct global business. It argues that multiple mindsets exist (across and within organizations), that they operate in a global context, and that ...

Management and Organizations in Transitional China

Management and Organizations in Transitional China

1st Edition

By Yanlong Zhang, Lisa Keister
June 08, 2018

China’s 30-year market transition and its integration into the world economy provide a unique opportunity for exploring the nature of large-scale economic and political transformation and the mechanisms underlying organizational behavior during such a transition. Management and Organizations in ...

Global Business Intelligence

Global Business Intelligence

1st Edition

Edited By J Mark Munoz
November 17, 2017

Global Business Intelligence refers to an organization’s ability to gather, process and analyze pertinent international information in order to make optimal business decisions in a timely manner. With a challenging economic and geopolitical environment, companies and executives need to be adept at ...

Expatriate Managers The Paradoxes of Living and Working Abroad

Expatriate Managers: The Paradoxes of Living and Working Abroad

1st Edition

By Anna Spiegel, Ursula Mense-Petermann, Bastian Bredenkötter
October 23, 2017

Since the 1990s, economic and cultural globalization has propelled the transnational mobility of managers and fueled cross-border careers. Some scholars have argued for the emergence of a new global business elite with cosmopolitan mind-sets and homogeneous lifestyles, while others have highlighted...

European Born Globals Job creation in young international businesses

European Born Globals: Job creation in young international businesses

1st Edition

Edited By Irene Mandl, Valentina Patrini
October 09, 2017

In the aftermath of the global recession, job creation is a policy priority. While it is a well-accepted fact that the majority of jobs are created by small and medium-sized enterprises, not all SMEs are rapidly growing, or even intend to expand. With limited public budgets, business models within ...

Management Research European Perspectives

Management Research: European Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Sabina Siebert
October 03, 2017

Management Research: European Perspectives brings together experts in the field to take stock of European management research and reflect on its distinctiveness. Building on a successful series of papers published in the European Management Journal, this book contains international contributions ...

Venture Capital and Firm Performance The Korean Experience in a Global Perspective

Venture Capital and Firm Performance: The Korean Experience in a Global Perspective

1st Edition

By Jaeho Lee
August 24, 2017

This book provides an analysis of the impact on underpricing and long-term performance of venture capital in IPOs, and of the ownership characteristics of venture capital companies. It investigates the performance of IPOs in Korea during the dot-com bubble-and-bust period. The book looks at venture...

The International Business Environment and National Identity

The International Business Environment and National Identity

1st Edition

By Tatiana Gladkikh
August 21, 2017

Globalisation influences every aspect of post-modern social reality. However, little empirical research has considered how globalisation affects people’s perception of their national attachments. This book explores the nature of national identity in our increasingly globalised society. "Who Are You...

Global Advertising Practice in a Borderless World

Global Advertising Practice in a Borderless World

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Crawford, Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker
May 31, 2017

Cultural and regional differences in creating and managing advertising require unique responses to a dynamic, rapidly globalising business environment. To be global in advertising is no longer to be homogenised or standardised, it is to be at the leading edge of social and cultural trends that are ...

Managing Culture and Interspace in Cross-border Investments Building a Global Company

Managing Culture and Interspace in Cross-border Investments: Building a Global Company

1st Edition

Edited By Martina Fuchs, Sebastian Henn, Martin Franz, Ram Mudambi
June 22, 2017

This book focuses on the dialectics between spatio-organisational gaps and local contexts that characterise cross-border investments. "Interspatial" investments – be it mergers & acquisitions (M&A) or greenfield investments – are usually characterised by what is referred to as "otherness", ...

Social and Solidarity Economy The World’s Economy with a Social Face

Social and Solidarity Economy: The World’s Economy with a Social Face

1st Edition

By Sara Calvo, Andres Morales, Yanni Zikidis
June 08, 2017

This book aims to provide the reader with an insight into the relevance of a section of the economy, which is often referred to as the ‘social and solidarity economy’ (SSE); and highlight some of the current issues in the field, how they are being addressed and some of their future implications. ...

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