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Routledge Studies in Media and Cultural Industries

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This series highlights recent scholarship in the study of media and cultural industries. Encompassing issues of production, policy, distribution, and consumption, it provides researchers with an essential resource for key ideas, innovations, and debates in the field.

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Authorship as Promotional Discourse in the Screen Industries Selling Genius

Authorship as Promotional Discourse in the Screen Industries: Selling Genius

1st Edition


By Leora Hadas
August 01, 2022

This book discusses the use of authorship discourses and author figures in the promotion and marketing of media content, dealing with the U.S. mainstream media, including franchise film, network television, and triple-A video games. The research takes a unique approach studying ideas of authorship...

Transnational Latin American Television Genres, Formats and Adaptations

Transnational Latin American Television: Genres, Formats and Adaptations

1st Edition


By Nahuel Ribke
August 01, 2022

This book examines the process of transnationalization of Latin American television industries. Drawing upon six representative case studies spanning the subcontinent’s vast and diverse geo-political and cultural landscape, the book offers a unique exploration of the ongoing formation of ...

Television’s Spatial Capital Location, Relocation, Dislocation

Television’s Spatial Capital: Location, Relocation, Dislocation

1st Edition

By Myles McNutt
December 31, 2021

This book launches a comprehensive detailing of the dramatic expansion of the geography of television production into new cities, states, provinces, and countries, and how those responsible for shaping the "landscape" of television have been forced to adapt, taking established strategies for ...

Canadian Cultural Policy in Transition

Canadian Cultural Policy in Transition

1st Edition

Edited By Devin Beauregard, Jonathan Paquette
July 29, 2021

This book offers a comprehensive overview of Canadian cultural policy and research, at a time of transition and redefinition, to establish a dialogue between conventional and emerging foundations. Taking a historical view, the book informs insights on current trends in policy and explores global ...

Media Work, Mothers and Motherhood Negotiating the International Audio-Visual Industry

Media Work, Mothers and Motherhood: Negotiating the International Audio-Visual Industry

1st Edition

Edited By Susan Liddy, Anne O'Brien
April 21, 2021

This interdisciplinary and international volume offers an innovative and critical exploration of the impact of motherhood on the engagement of women in media and creative industries across the globe. Diverse contributions critically engage with the intersections and overlap between the social ...

Asia-Pacific Film Co-productions Theory, Industry and Aesthetics

Asia-Pacific Film Co-productions: Theory, Industry and Aesthetics

1st Edition

Edited By Dal Yong Jin, Wendy Su
November 27, 2019

This book examines cross-regional film collaboration within the Asia-Pacific region. Through a mixed methods approach of political economy, industry and market, as well as textual analysis, the book contributes to the understanding of the global fusion of cultural products and the reconfiguration ...

Political Economy of Media Industries Global Transformations and Challenges

Political Economy of Media Industries: Global Transformations and Challenges

1st Edition

Edited By Randy Nichols, Gabriela Martinez
November 01, 2019

This book provides a critical political economic examination of the impact of increasingly concentrated global media industries. It addresses different media and communication industries from around the globe, including film, television, music, journalism, telecommunication, and information ...

Audio-Visual Industries and Diversity Economics and Policies in the Digital Era

Audio-Visual Industries and Diversity: Economics and Policies in the Digital Era

1st Edition

Edited By Luis A. Albornoz, Ma. Trinidad Garcia Leiva
March 26, 2019

This book reflects critically on issues of diversity, access, and the expansion of digital technologies in audio-visual industries, particularly in terms of economics and policies. It brings together specialists in cultural diversity and media industries, presenting an international and ...

Reconceptualising Film Policies

Reconceptualising Film Policies

1st Edition

Edited By Nolwenn Mingant, Cecilia Tirtaine
November 24, 2017

This volume explores and interrogates the shifts and changes in both government and industry-based screen policies over the past 30 years. It covers a diverse range of film industries from different parts of the world, along with the interrelationship between different localities, policy regimes ...

Community Filmmaking Diversity, Practices and Places

Community Filmmaking: Diversity, Practices and Places

1st Edition

Edited By Sarita Malik, Caroline Chapain, Roberta Comunian
April 17, 2017

This book examines the role of community filmmaking in society and its connection with issues of cultural diversity, innovation, policy and practice in various places. Deploying a range of examples from Europe, North America, Australia and Hong Kong, the chapters show that film emerging from ...

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